The Big Crossword app - world's biggest crossword puzzle

Press release for the launch of the world's biggest crossword app, available on Android, Apple and Amazon

Online PR News – 07-February-2020 – Southam – Can you solve the world's biggest crossword? Taking up the challenge of creating something unique in the world of crosswords, plucky British company Teazel has developed the world's biggest crossword in an app. It features 1,284 clues all weaved together in one gigantic grid. Play it straight, or complete over 80 quests as you solve it in Quest Mode. Hours of fun, play for free.

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With a grid size of 103x103 'The Big Crossword' app is certainly big.

The crossword can be solved in two modes:
- Quest mode, where each clue has been carefully crafted into a corresponding Quest. There are over 80 Quests to complete.
- Classic mode where you play like an ordinary crossword

The crossword is tailored to suit both US and non US markets, with any specific cultural differences noted.

To add a twist Teazel includes 140 cryptic clues to sharpen your wits, but fear not - their \'Learn Cryptic Crosswords\' app (helpfully linked to at all points) will show you how to solve them.
One nice touch is that you\'re sent a certificate on completing the puzzle.

A real challenge that both crossword aficionados and beginners will have many hours of relaxing fun completing.

Did we mention the size? It's BIG!

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