Revolutionary, Learner-Driven Acton Academy Elementary School is coming to Columbus, OH

The revolutionary one-room schoolhouse will be opening an Elementary School in Fall 2020

Online PR News – 07-February-2020 – Columbus, OH – 360 Academy, an Acton Academy affiliate, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the
first learner-driven microschool in Columbus, OH. The private elementary studio will open in Fall

Acton Academy, a modern one-room schoolhouse built to provide children a 21st century
education, was founded by Laura and Jeff Sandefer in Austin, TX in 2009. It was founded on the
belief that "every child is a genius, who deserves to find a calling that will change the world."

The Acton Academy affiliate network, which has over 150 open locations around the world, is
set to be opened in Columbus by parent-entrepreneurs, Varun Bhatia and Nadia Ahmad.

Today's announcement will provide elementary students in Columbus the opportunity to learn
real-world project skills and develop virtuous habits in a tight close-knit community. The focus at
360 Academy is on personalized, mastery based learning through real-world projects, group
Socratic discussions, and adaptive education software. Students are given no homework and,
because the focus is on self-mastery and peer-to-peer learning, there are also no tests,
lectures, or grades.

Varun Bhatia states "The moment our daughter was born we started talking about her
education. In the innovation age, where virtually all information is at our fingertips, we wanted to
find an education model that emphasized development of real-world skills that she'll need in the
21st century. In my research, I fell in love with the ideas of Acton Academy."

"Acton focuses not on memorization for standardized tests, but rather on having our children
learn to learn, learn to do, and learn to be. Acton, in a very unique way, brings together the
time-tested aspects of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Socrates while using the most
up-to-date, adaptive education software technology . When my daughter grows up, no one will
care whether she has memorized the quadratic formula. What will matter are the 4 Cs of
education: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Communication."

"I am really excited about building 360 Academy for my daughter and for all children and
parents around Columbus looking for an alternative education."

Among the ways, the Acton approach differentiates itself:
- Modern one-room schoolhouse
- Multi-age classroom
- No tests, homework, grades, or lectures
- Learner-driven community
- Personalized, self-paced, mastery-based learning
- Project-based learning
- Character-based learning
- Blended learning (Online + In-Classroom)
- Guides rather than teachers
- Focus on the 4 Cs (Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity)
- Montessori principles to build independent learners
- Socratic discussions to develop critical thinking skills
- Student-led exhibits to display work to parents and community
- Positive, growth mindset environment
- Student Portfolios

About 360 Academy
360 Academy is a learner-driven, modern one-schoolhouse elementary school scheduled to
open in Fall 2020 in Columbus, OH. The school is part of the Acton Academy affiliate network.

Visit to learn more.

Name: Varun Bhatia
Phone: (614) 603-7227