Whitefleur Has Reduced the Prices of Engagement Rings and Jewellery

Whitefleur has reduced the prices of engagement rings and other diamond jewellery to half. Therefore now every couple can easily own their favourite jewellery without breaking their bank in this recession period also.

Online PR News – 12-November-2009 – – Diamond Engagement rings are best way to express your love as diamonds are considered as a symbol of love, purity and commitment. But purchasing a diamond ring is a very daunting task especially in this recession period as the prices of diamonds are increasing day by day. And the purchasing capacity of people has reduced due to fear of loosing job or jobless. Hence the couples are thinking twice before purchasing diamond engagement ring and are looking for cheap engagement rings or alternatives for traditional engagement rings such as gemstone engagement rings. But there are many gems which are also expensive.

But thanks to Whitefleur one of the best online jewellery stores of UK where you can find exclusive collection of engagement rings at cheaper prices. By going through the section of our engagement rings you will find that the prices of rings have been reduced to half. And the main aim of reducing the prices of our rings or other jewellery is not to win our customers but we want that every couple can easily own their favourite ring or other diamond jewellery within their financial limits in this recession period also.

And never think that if we have reduced the prices of our jewellery then you will get the quality also inferior. This is not the case with Whitefleur. Whitefleur is one of the most popular and reputed online jewellery stores and we never want to loose our reputation of reliable sources in engagement rings or other type of jewellery. Always remember that we have an experience of many years in jewellery industry and we will never reduce the level of quality.

Each and every diamond of engagement rings, earrings, wedding rings or other jewellery are certified by world top laboratories such as GIA, EGL and AGI. We assure you that the diamond set on the ring is perfectly set in bezel, pave, channel and prong setting. Always remember that our main aim is the security of diamond in mounting it in the ring. Apart from this we also provide you the rings made of great quality of metal such as platinum, white gold and yellow gold. You can select any metal according to your choice and remember that any metal you select will be the perfect choice for your sweetheart and it will be attractive also. Always remember that Whitefleur is the perfect option for you to buy your diamond engagement ring at affordable cost.