Everyday is Valentines Day - An Opportunity to Rediscover LOVE through a Board GAME

Redefining the concept of Love on Valentines Day. Come and play a game, meet new people, be fully self-expressed, empowered and loved.

Online PR News – 05-February-2020 – Date: 14th February 2020 Time: 17.00pm to 22.00pm Location: Wework Building, 199 Bishopsgate, Liver – NEW INNOVATIVE LOVE GAME - "EVERYDAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY" TO CREATE FULFILLED RELATIONSHIPS

An Event that Redefines the Concept of Love

‘Every Day is Valentine’s Day’ is an event specifically designed for Valentine’s Day and that promotes love and connection from authenticity. Men and Women will be gathering together and will be part of an environment that will support them to discover themselves and others with the aim to be free to choose their relationships powerfully or to create new ones, and most importantly, rather than coming from a place of scarcity, coming from a place of abundance.

‘Every Day is Valentine’s Day’ is a free event for those who want to experience love and connection, on a deeper level. It aims to empower and inspire singles and couples at the same time achieve whatever they want to achieve in their relationship and in life in general. People who will be present at the event will play a new and innovative love game called Voltura. This game was successfully crowdfunded and played by 400+ people from domains like world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, health professionals, coaches, psychologists, trainers from self-development industries.

Date: 14th February 2020
Time: 17.00pm to 22.00pm
Location: Wework Building, 199 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, London

‘Every Day is Valentine’s Day’ is the first big event created by Voltura. Voltura’s main purpose is to empower and expand human greatness and human potential all over the world and to connect people on a deeper level. Voltura has only one purpose, to create a new you, a you that is ready to face every challenge in life, with confidence, determination and ease.

Voltura Game was co-created by Alexandru Capalau and Kimberley Magtibay.

Every Day is Valentine’s Day has a unique format and a unique cosy, business venue

Our vision is to offer people access to reach their dreams easily and expand their potential by having them able to connect with everyone, everywhere. The future that we are creating is a revolution in both areas of education and entertainment. We believe that real education, the real accomplishment will come all the time from the inside and this is possible only when you are deeply connected with yourself and when you understand yourself. In this way, you are able to connect and understand others better.


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Alexandru Capalau