Chicago SEO Expert Bruce Jones Launches New SEO Consulting Company

A new SEO consulting business is in town to help local businesses improve their search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy.

Online PR News – 03-February-2020 – Chicago IL – Chicago SEO expert Bruce Jones launches new SEO consulting company.

A new SEO consulting business is in town to help local businesses improve their search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy.

Bruce Jones is known by many in the local community as an SEO and digital marketing expert, a title which he has earned over the past two decades as SEO analyst, CEO of his own digital marketing agency, and more. Now, he has launched a new business in which takes on a new role as a SEO consultant, allowing him to concentrate on what he has always loved the most in his professional life: helping and teaching others to grow their businesses online.

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant offers SEO consulting services to individuals and businesses of every caliber that works to develop and implement digital marketing strategies as well as offer opportunities and solutions for improvement as a means to achieve business goals. While Bruce is based in Naperville and works closely with local businesses across the Chicago area, his work extends across the United States as well as internationally. Bruce works closely with individuals to understand a company’s goals and needs, as well as create a conceptual road map of how to get there. His consultant expertise includes SEO strategy, competitor research, training, reporting, website audits and more.

Bruce has always preferred working directly with entrepreneurs, business owners, and the teams of small businesses to devise and implement SEO strategies personalized for them. He already runs a teaching business called 1on1 SEO Training, which offers SEO classes for individuals to learn about SEO and how to do their own search engine optimization. Now, with Bruce Jones SEO Consultant, he wants to work on personalized approaches to analyze and identify the needs of each business he works with, and then apply different strategies to grow his clients’ businesses.

“The longer I am in this industry and the more businesses I work with, the more I realize the true needs that businesses seeking out digital marketing companies have,” says Bruce. He explains that local businesses value their time and their money, and they want to have an understanding of every dimension of their business, even if they are outsourcing certain tasks. Bruce explains, “more than having a traditional marketing company that will do everything for you and take your money, small businesses want someone who will work alongside them and explain to them” – an understanding that has led him to truly join the team of each company that he consults for.

Naperville and Chicago businesses hold a special place in Bruce’s heart, because he has vast experience working with local businesses from virtually every industry, from real estate to franchises to e-commerce and more. “It’s great when I can see the power of good search engine optimization right before my own eyes, when start-ups or struggling businesses completely transform into top producing companies thanks to effective search engine optimization and online marketing” tells Bruce.

About Bruce Jones SEO Consulting: The concept of Bruce Jones SEO Consulting takes the knowledge of an SEO expert with 15+ years in the field and combines it with the ever-increasing importance of personalized approaches and working together as a common goal. By working closely with companies, Bruce Jones works with companies on their current digital marketing strategy and helps them to create, implement, and monitor revised strategies moving forward, in order to gain new business, improve their online presence and ultimately be more successful in their goals.

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