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“The Science of Personal Achievement” outlines thirteen principles that any reader can draw on when trying to change their position in life or their outcomes.

Online PR News – 01-February-2020 – San Antonio, TX – San Antonio, TX - USA, January 31, 2020 -- Dr. Ayodele Cole Benson’s new book, “The Science of Personal Achievement,” has a curious, almost serendipitous beginning: In 2009, a piece of equipment he’d ordered from the United States arrived in Abuja, Nigeria and it unexpectedly contained a cassette tape from Napoleon Hill, an early-20th-century American self-help author, outlining Hill’s principles for success.

After spending some time listening to the tape, Dr. Benson, an entrepreneur and preacher who describes himself as a lifelong student of “what makes people tick,” realized that Hill’s principles are also Biblical principles. He didn’t want to keep those insights to himself.

“The Science of Personal Achievement” outlines thirteen principles that any reader can draw on when trying to change their position in life or their outcomes, whether personal or professional. Each principle gets its own chapter that details real-life contemporary examples from the business world, illustrative Biblical events and figures, and key take-aways to help readers begin to implement the principles in their own lives.

Dr. Benson emphasizes the universality of principles such as maintaining a positive attitude and definiteness of purpose with applied faith, going the extra mile, and practicing self-discipline. He sees his book as a toolkit: Not every principle needs to be employed by every reader to achieve outstanding success but he believes that any reader, anywhere in the world, and especially any young reader, can take away lessons that will change their approach to life and work. The author himself has profited from these principles in his personal life despite coming from a challenging background in Africa.

Dr. Benson explains, “Only 10% of your outcome has to do with your initial circumstances. The other 90% comes from what you do with those circumstances.” He recommends his book to anyone who is unsatisfied with their current outcomes. Abide by the principles in “The Science of Personal Achievement,” he says, and you’ll see a change in those outcomes.

The author shares, “Life is about inputs and outputs”—you won’t see a change in the latter without changing the former—and about people. You can never go wrong by going the extra mile for someone, he says.

For more information about the author, visit http://www.bensonayodelecole.com or https://halopublishing.com. “The Science of Personal Achievement” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Books a Million, and Kindle.

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