Company That Pioneered Digital Grain Trade Launches Combyne, Its Next-Generation Online Marketplace

Combyne allows for greater trust, better communication, and increased efficiency when managing your cash grain trades as a farmer or grain buyer, big or small.

Online PR News – 29-January-2020 – Ottawa, ON – FarmLead, North America’s largest online grain marketplace, today announced the launch of its next generation platform, Combyne. Combyne was specifically designed to help grain buyers and farmers better manage their digital relationships, in addition to creating new ones. With Combyne, a farmer or grain buyer can easily organize their list of trusted trading partners and post privately to their network or publicly to the entire marketplace.

“I see this tool as a new marketing opportunity for myself to find new buyers and expand my network,” says Alberta mixed farmer Dylan Van Zeggelaar. Adds Doug Kirk, an Illinois farmer, “I think Combyne could help me build my network of buyers so that I can expand into more specialty commodities and really understand the market demand.”

Many farmers across North America are using Combyne to help share their next target prices and organize all the interactions with their trusted partners in one simple dashboard. With each corporate grain buyer and an increasing amount of livestock and feed grain buyers having their own websites, the actual deal-making has undoubtedly become more digital. However, that deal still takes place between two individuals. This farmer and grain buyer have likely been dealing with one another for decades, if not generations. The Combyne mobile app and website helps build on that relationship at no cost, and helps build transparency for each side along with their local cash grain market.

“Combyne is a completely free tool,” says FarmLead CEO and founder, Brennan Turner. “Our next-generation marketplace focuses on the people making the deal, not just the deal-making. Further, organizing all those relationships - old or new - in one single dashboard is something that no other tool can offer. Combyne is quickly becoming the go-to app and website that farmers and grain buyers are using on a daily basis.”

Combyne will introduce some subscription-based premium features at a later date but there are no costs to use the core functions of this next generation tool that’s already been named Best New Innovation at Manitoba Ag Days. All FarmLead users - which represent over 13% of all North American grain, oilseed, and pulse crop production and more than 10% of all annualised demand - will be invited to join Combyne. Meanwhile, the corporate FarmLead website will remain, but access to the FarmLead Marketplace will expire at the end of February 2020.

Combyne has been in development since early 2019, with the tool having undergone many iterations while being tested in select markets over the past 7 months. With initial feedback rooted in deeper trust, simpler communication, and greater deal-making efficiencies, the decision was made by the FarmLead Executive to make Combyne its flagship marketplace for all of North America with the possibility of expanding into other potential markets.

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About Combyne

Available online and as a mobile app, the Combyne Marketplace facilitates greater trust, communication, and efficiency for the cash grain industry. Farmers find more verified buyers and identify the best possible deal, while grain buyers easily access and identify the best grain for sale in their area, be it from farmer they already know or new ones that they’re not yet connected with.

About FarmLead

Built by farmers for farmers, FarmLead is reinventing how grain is marketed and sold through its innovative digital cash grain trade solutions. In its 5 years of operation, FarmLead has been recognized for its revolutionary digital grain trade tools, including being named multiple times to Forbes’ list of most innovative AgTech companies. With over 2 million logged interactions, and more than $2 Billion USD of grain successfully negotiated (not just posted bids), its next generation marketplace, Combyne, cements its position as the industry leader for digital cash grain trade tools.

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