Dr. Hui Xie-Zukauskas Publishes Cancer Prevention Guidebook

The book “Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention” is newly released, authored by Dr. Hui Xie-Zukauskas. It helps you discover how to prevent cancer!

Online PR News – 31-January-2020 – Manassas – Cancer is a devastating disease that does not discriminate regarding age, sex, genetic makeup, or economic or social status. Although advanced cancer therapies have lowered cancer deaths, cancer is still the number-two killer disease in the United States and globally—right after heart disease. Alarmingly, it has surpassed heart disease as a cause of death in several countries and some U.S. counties.

However, the good news evidenced by this very informative book is that most cancers are preventable! Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention helps the readers discover ways to prevent cancer and provides a blueprint to achieve results. As a publisher-editor commented, the book is “insightful, commanding, and comprehensive.”

The author starts by explaining cancer risk factors in daily life. She then addresses other potential contributors to cancer that may surprise the readers. She also details specific risk factors for most common and deadly types of cancer. Throughout the book, the author provides proven strategies for counteracting cancer risk factors, and in Last Part she offers further advice and tips for embracing a healthy, cancer-preventive lifestyle.

Those who want to avoid cancer but are at a loss about how to prevent this dreaded disease from attacking themselves or their families will find the book packed with valuable perspectives, effective solutions, and sound advice about:
• How to become aware of cancer risk factors and avoid or minimize them in daily life.
• How to control potential contributors to cancer.
• How to empower lifestyle modifications that build natural defenses against cancer.
Cancer patients after remission can also benefit from the book to prevent cancer recurrence.

Please help bring this life-saving book to light. Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention is available at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and at Amazon in paperback and kindle/eBook formats. Other eBook venues include Apple, Google Play, and Kobo, etc. Once you get your copy, read it, tell people around you about it, share your thoughts on social media, and post a review on Amazon.

Let’s wipe away our tears and take actions to reduce the chance of getting cancer and ease more pain. Let’s help everyone embrace the powerful knowledge about cancer prevention and save more lives!