BeHappy2Day Continues to Report Increasing Amounts of Happily Married Couples

With matchmaking services still in high demand, successful international dating website further personalizes approach to meet specific preferences of customers.

Online PR News – 28-January-2020 – Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles – BeHappy2Day, a subsidiary of Be Happy International and a successful international dating website geared towards connecting single relationship-minded men all over the world with family-oriented women from Slavic nations, continues to report increasing amounts of happily married couples and satisfied clients, with some 90-percent of customers having met through the BeHappy2Day system still together in long-lasting relationships - and some even with families of their own.

“The number of happy clients and happy couples keeps increasing year after year, a fact that we’re very proud of,” says Richard T. of BeHappy2Day. “What’s more, with our matchmaking services in high demand, our approach has become even more personalized to meet the specific preferences of every customer.

The bottom line is that online dating works despite the plethora of myths about it and culture differences - and language barriers for that matter - are no longer an obstacle in this day and age.

Established in 2000, BeHappy2Day has since grown and expanded into a recognized matchmaking and online dating service worldwide with local offices in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Slavic countries. There are currently more than 1,300,000 active members for whom BeHappy2Day provides its high-quality services on a daily basis, ultimately helping them start and develop romantic relationships and begin their own families together.

“The bottom line is that online dating works, despite the plethora of myths about it, and culture differences - and language barriers, for that matter - are no longer an obstacle in this day and age.”

Members visiting can communicate with their lady by way of live chat and video chat, in addition to email correspondence, exchanging photos and videos, phone calls and a unique gift delivery option, the latter of which is marketed by BeHappy2Day representatives as a “romantic, meaningful love token.” These gift options include romantic sets of chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals; gift certificates for beauty items, manicures, photo shoots and more; flower packages of all kinds; webcams; perfumes; kids’ toys and lingerie including sexy stockings, slips and other pulse-quickening items. All leading up to the unique Date Me service offered by BeHappy2Day, in which a in-person encounter is scheduled for a real date.

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