Crypto Med Innovation to launch platform for Neuropathic Pain

Crypto Med Innovation today announced that it will launch its platform to provide insights for diabetic patients in clinical trials for neuropathic pain.

Online PR News – 26-January-2020 – Gangnam-gu/SEOUL – Crypto Med Innovation’s interactive platform will offer a single touchpoint to measure and modify patient behavior, keeping participants engaged and on treatment throughout the trials.

The platform will also integrate patient reported outcomes and micro-reimbursements within Crypto Med Innovation’s platform, providing a simplified experience for all patients.

According to research, over 40% of the world’s population with diabetes suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which results in numbness and tingling in one’s limbs. As the disease progresses, 50% of the diabetic neuropathy patients develop neuropathic pain as a result of damage to the peripheral nerves which can produce debilitating limb pain.

Crypto Med Innovation will be entering into clinical trials to evaluate its efficacy in treating diabetic neuropathic pain.

Crypto Med Innovation’s Chief Medical Officer commented on the new platform saying “Proper adherence and dosing are both critical to the accuracy of trials and it’s often quite difficult to ensure. Crypto Med Innovation offers a platform that can accurately confirm our trial patients are taking the right medication at the right dosage, while also capturing valuable behavioral and endpoint data, helping us to advance our clinical trial for a potential treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain.”

Crypto Med Innovation’s advanced technology uses artificial intelligence powered computer vision to recognize individual faces and medications and also offers patients a single platform to monitor their treatment regimen.

Crypto Med Innovation’s Chief Medical Officer also went on to say “We believe our platform has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from diabetic neuropathic pain. Our primary mission at Crypto Med Innovation is to improve health for all patients by understanding their individual responses to treatment for the potential treatment of neuropathic pain that impacts millions of patients with diabetes every day.”

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