GGTS Introduces a Blockchain-powered Platform for Waste Management Industry: Green Secure

Blockchain offers efficiency, transparency, and traceability within the waste management. With the implementation of blockchain in waste management industry.

Online PR News – 26-January-2020 – Singapore – The blockchain-powered waste management solution helps in streamlining processes automation.
Over the past few months, GGTS ( ) expert team strived to develop a blockchain-based monitoring tool — Green Secure ( ). This configurable application covers the complete life cycle, as it begins from an enterprise requesting to collect its industrial waste to recyclers taking it to the plant for segregation, recycling, or disposal and issuing a legitimate green certificate. Corresponding evidence and information on waste destruction is provided to companies by recyclers in a reliable and optimum manner.ting tasks, and tracking recycling.
Let’s explore how Green Secure empowers end to end traceability and tracking of industrial waste management to bring benefits to producers and the government.

Industrial Hazardous waste that is inaccurately managed poses a serious threat to the environment and human health. Governments play an important role in supervising waste collection and recycling/ disposal services, evaluating the effectiveness of waste processes, and delivering awareness-raising campaigns.

Green Secure delivers unprecedented visibility into waste incineration and recycling processes to the government. It is the most adequate way to supervise and verify commercial waste management processes.

Monitor Status of Each Transaction:
Green Secure offers the Government to keep track of each waste recycling/ disposal contract status. It can easily view the total number of active and inactive contracts for recycling services.

Real-Time Traceability:
The Government can utilize a single dashboard to track down recycling and disposal of materials from the contract stage to high quality recycled products through legitimate downstream vendors. The system provides real-time reporting needed to ensure destruction and recycling of waste in accordance with their respective legislation, programs, and policies.

Access Tamper-Proof Data:
The Government will get a broader view by reviewing, managing, and analyzing data collected on each waste transaction. It will gain insights into each waste transaction like truck info, logistics info via Green Secure’s blockchain-based platform.

Verify Green Certificate:
Highly visible and trackable transactions and processes allow governing bodies to easily validate whether an industry meets acceptable environmental standards or not.

Green Secure is exclusively designed for companies, enterprises, and industries to take advantage of blockchain’s transparency and tracking advantages.

Recycling programs cost companies a fortune, therefore, Green Secure offers companies to avail low cost recycling services that are nearest to them.

Request Evidence:
Green Secure allows producers to issue a request for waste destruction and recycling evidence in the form of barcodes, photos, videos, and witness for destruction while having a tamper-proof record of where the waste went and what amount was recycled.

Audit the Waste Flow:
All waste transactions are highly visible and traceable. The producer will be able to trace all waste transactions back to their source.

Final Words:
Blockchain offers efficiency, transparency, and traceability within the waste management. With the implementation of blockchain in waste management industry, Green Secure ( ) incentivize better recycling and destruction services.

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