SmartMed Technologies to launch Cleared Scope Endoscopic Tip Protector

SmartMed Technologies of Seoul today announced that it is launching its new clear scope pro-tech endoscopic tip protector.

Online PR News – 20-January-2020 – Yeongdeungpo-gu/SEOUL – SmartMed Technologies’ new endoscopic tip protector is a sterile, cage-like cover designed to protect the distal tip and bending rubber section of endoscopes from impact or damage while being transported and stored.

SmartMed Technologies’ endoscopic tip protector design allows continuous airflow and enables safe channel drying without moisture build-up.

SmartMed Technologies’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Norman Hammond commented on the new endoscope saying “With flexible endoscopes playing a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the more than 50 million GI endoscopies performed annually, it is essential to keep every scope in good working order.”

“When a scope goes out for repair, its absence affects staff, doctors and patients. Repairs are expensive, and downtime during the repair process means that fewer procedures can be scheduled. Ultimately, satisfaction suffers. Our new endoscopic tip protector may lessen downtime and unnecessary repairs by helping avoid scope damage”, added Dr. Norman Hammond, Chief Medical Officer of SmartMed Technologies.

SmartMed Technologies’ Vice President of Research & Development, Ms. Ji-hye Yeong also commented on the launch of its new endoscope saying "We estimate that 45% of endoscope damage that we see occurs at the distal tip. This is one of the most crucial parts of an endoscope. Optics are the hallmark of any endoscope, and we have spent years perfecting ours to help physicians see the most minute details. Our goal is to be true to patient care, making sure that scopes are spared repair downtime and kept inside procedure rooms, where they do their best work."

About Us - SmartMed Technologies

SmartMed Technologies is a pioneering bioinformatics medical research and development company focused on delivering innovative medical products through artificial intelligence technology to combat prevalent, rare and emerging diseases.

Based in Seoul, our team collects and analyzes big data, utilizing artificial intelligence to gain insight into complex diseases such as leukemia and different cancers. Our approach centers on genome integration with high-performance computers and deep artificial intelligence learning.

With our advanced technology, we have been able to cut costs arising from industry trial-and-error procedures; with the integration of supercomputers into our work, we are able to run more comprehensive simulations, better target proteins, discover new drug compounds for a multitude of diseases, and generally increase our capacity for successful drug development.

With international recognition for our research and projects, some in collaboration with world-renowned institutions, we consistently aim to develop our understanding in the medical field through artificial intelligence and advanced clinical trials.