Codex Mysterium eccentric puzzle book is now Live in Kickstarter!

Innovario is excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Codex Mysterium; an immersive and richly illustrated puzzle book.

Online PR News – 17-January-2020 – Ghent, Belgium – Codex Mysterium is a stand-alone sequel to the successful Codex Engimatum puzzle book. It contains a diverse mix of unique and interrelated brain teasers, riddles and conundrums. It features many one-of-a-kind puzzles designed specifically for this book as well as unconventional twists on well-known puzzle types.

Rami Hansenne, the author, explains: “Each puzzle solution yields a key to unlock future puzzles. In order to unlock the secrets of the codex, you will need to quest your way through 60 varied and eccentric enigmas requiring a combination of lateral thinking, logical deduction, spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.”

The often very unconventional puzzles (each consisting of a two-page spread) require a unique approach and no two are alike. Each puzzle is illustrated and often the illustrations (rather than supporting text) offer subtle clues as to how the challenge should be approached.

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