Political Social Media Domain GOPForum Going on Auction

Timely aged political domain will be sold to the highest bidder during a 4 day auction

Online PR News – 17-January-2020 – Wellington – Popular Socialmedia will certainly play a huge role in the 2020 political elections. The value of being able to collect and distribute news and opinion that can be used in political campaign speeches and activities is undeniable.
GOPForum.com an aged socialmedia brand domain name is being offered at auction just in time for conservatives to develop into a centralized platform to collect and share important for campaign organizers volunteers politicians and voters to digest and use in their political campaign activities
GOPForum.com was registered in 2002 and is listed for sale at BrandsTek.com a popular online domain name marketplace . The domain will be sold to the highest bidder accordign to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc and creator of multiple internet businesses.
He who holds the gold rules and data is the new gold says Scott who adds that the new owners who develop GOPForum will be in possession of highly valuable and actionable information relating to conservative ideas and actionable intelligence to assist GOP candidates running for office in 2020 and beyond.

Interested parties can visit GOPForum.com for more information or to submit an offer to buy this timely valuable political domain name during the auction period ending January 21.