Central India’s One of The Best Dermatology Clinic Has Bought a NB-UVB Phototherapy Machine to Treat Vitiligo Skin Disease

Online PR News – 17-January-2020 – Indore, Madhya Pradesh – Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Kanhaiyalal Patidar takes a step further to provide the best dermatology treatments to transform people’s life as he announced the purchase of a latest and most advanced technology NB-UVB Phototherapy machine for his dermatology care center, Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic, this month.
“We have been planning to purchase this new machine for quite some time now, and finally we made the decision to purchase it. I believe that the features and technology of this machine will help us to treat Vitiligo in short time, starting this year with this news will make our time ahead more exciting and engaging,” said Dr. Kanhaiyalal Patidar.
This machine has been purchased from renowned medical equipment manufacturer placed in the western most state of India, and it is expected to be delivered in the first week of February. The machine is said to loaded with new features and applications, which will make the phototherapy treatment for Vitiligo more effective and comfortable. Furthermore, this purchase makes the Mayra Clinic one of the few dermatology clinics in Madhya Pradesh equipped with this latest technology.
“An NB-UVB or Narrow Band Ultraviolet-B phototherapy Chamber is a machine that is used for treating various skin related conditions like vitiligo and skin pigmentation. This machine uses different narrow bands of UV light, which is predetermined according to the patient’s condition and medical history,” Dr. Kanhaiyalal Patidar explained.
Furthermore, he said, “I am looking forward to helping people with vitiligo and skin pigmentation. It will help us to provide the best possible treatment to the people in need.”
Some of the Most Noticeable Features of NBUVB Phototherapy Chamber are:
High Performance
No Side Effects
Easy to Use
Technical Specification of Machine Includes:
Touch screen control panel. Built-in data storage to store the patient’s medical history. Programmable logic control to protect from overexposure. The machine is made from high-quality steel with seven-layer powder coatings. For patient safety, security systems like MCB, ELCB, and fully insulated circuit base.
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Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic is a dermatology clinic based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It was founded in 2018 by Dr. Kanhaiyalal Patidar, who has been actively working for the past 12 years as a dermatologist. Mayra Clinic offers a wide range of treatments for all skin, hair, and aesthetics related conditions and disorders.
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