Sustainability Through Creativity: Empowering Dancers To Use Their Artistry to Save The Environment

The Tainted Nature movement manifested through SS20 Dancewear Collection, which explores modern society's malpractices that pollutes and taints our environment.

Online PR News – 16-January-2020 – london – The Tainted Nature movement has manifested through a 2020 Spring-Summer collection which explores the malpractices of modern society and polluting practices that have tainted nature.

With a variation of graphic print artworks, this collection's dancewear garments explore pollution, overuse of plastic, landfills, and reminders of the journey between the Cotton Plant and an end result, a garment.

This collection is also a stage of transformation for LSL as a brand as it begins its transition to more sustainable & ethical practices.

The movement's philosophy follows the ethos:
“To sustain the natural cycle, so that, the cycle sustains us.”

4 Ways how we'll Awaken People through this Project

1. Art as a Catalyst for Change
Environmental issues happen because of a lack of conscious thought. Art, however, invokes conscious thought.

If Art can be used for positive change, then let us be the walking canvases, through the clothes we wear.

'Tainted Nature' Collection has casual fashion pieces for use in the dance studio and everyday use.

With striking and meaningful artwork inspired the destruction of our natural environment.

Pieces which we hope will get many people thinking, talking and making small changes to their lifestyle.

2. Introduce a New Standard An 'A.E.S.O.P Label'
We'd like to encourage the clothing brands who follow A.E.S.O.P practices, to sport this label.
Transparency helps people to make informed decisions about their clothing purchases.

Standing for Actioned Ethically / Sustainable / Organically Processed.

LSL was inspired to this term from the Greek fabulist named Aesop and his numerous fabricated fables.
Similar to many brands that aren’t truthful about their production.

We'd hope to make A.E.S.O.P Labels as common on garments as a Washing Label throughout the clothing industry. We aspire to help consumers make conscious clothing choices.

3. Irony, Hypocrisy, Controversy.
Ironically, the materials used in our collection are mixed with polyester, which is a plastic-based material.

Ironically, the materials used in our collection are mixed with polyester, which is a plastic-based material.

We were inspired by the FDA’s ‘Cigarette Package Health Warnings’ to print health and environmental warnings on to the back of our garments.

We hope that it will spread awareness to others who read them.

4. Rethinking Production
We see the use of smart technology to reduce waste production.

For us, Made-To-Order has been our biggest solution and hopefully teaches 'delayed gratification' to our customers.

Our role as consumers has contributed to the imbalance.

Our inpatient 'Instant Gratification' attitudes has created corporate demand for People-Pleasing-Production, otherwise known as Mass Production.

If we can practice some Delayed Gratification.
And only buy what truly 'Sparks Joy' (thank you Marie Kondo), then the imbalanced system will naturally slow down.

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