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Online PR News – 10-January-2020 – Pune – With rapid developments in technology, it is no surprise that the domain of interior designing has been massively impacted. Architecture and Interior Design has been subjected to change since its inception as a discipline given the changing trends and choices, and availability of resources. Technology is playing a significant role in the growth of this lucrative field, according to some interior designers in Pune.

Automated, eco-friendly homes are commonly accepted and 3D software are bringing a revolutionary change in the concerned domain. Interior Designers relied on 2D drawings for the use of space for long enough which were replaced by CAD technology as we started working on screens. With more recent development in technology, it was possible to portray designs in 3D which provided the client with a more realistic insight into what they are investing in as well as what space is going to materialize into. As compared to the handmade sketches, the newer methods are not just more effective, they also consume less time.

The field of virtual reality with VR devices like HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, or the Oculus Rift, most commonly used in video games, works towards providing the user with a 360-degree virtual experience allowing the user to immerse in a completely new virtual environment and re-imagine the space. The domain of interior design is also adopting VR technology, and the software’s like V-Ray, Sketchup, and 3DsMax help in generating a virtual experience of a walkthrough in one’s house. This technology has made the task of a designer really easy as one does not need to draw or explain the ideas to clients anymore, the client can just experience the space from different angles and explore several options.

The VR technology brings the clients closest to experiencing how their future house or space is going to look like. They can also figure out the size and look of furniture and accessories for the house through the VR experience which was hitherto not possible. Hence, the VR technology has also revolutionized the sector of home décor and furniture. Places like Home Centre and IKEA provide different permutation and combination of bedrooms based on different themes and styles, and customers can explore the most suitable option by walking through them. VR technology can replace these huge showrooms and the physical space they occupy by providing the permutation and combination virtually.

Virtual Reality technology is thus creating a massive impact on the field of interior design as informed by Home Interior Designers in Pune. Technological advancements would help people make better and wiser decisions vis-à-vis furniture and home décor, and the technologically advanced domain of interior designing may render the printed catalogues obsolete.