EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan Solutions For Companies Explores Japanese Market Entry

EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan announced the launch of digital marketing solutions, produced by bilingual local Japanese, and high-quality consulting and SEO.

Online PR News – 09-January-2020 – Tokyo, Japan – EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan, the Japanese digital marketing agency for non-Japanese companies, today announced the launch of their digital marketing solutions, produced by bilingual local Japanese, non-outsourced, and high-quality consulting, SEO, contents, and advertising management. The Japanese market is unique and hard to tackle for non-Japanese marketers, EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan can fill in that gap and serves as one of the Japanese marketing counterparts of any non-Japanese companies who are thinking to expand business in Japan.

"The Japanese market is one of the largest economies in the world and many international companies explore their market entries. However, it is often the case that even they have their own experienced digital marketer, they do not have enough experience in the Japanese market and it is too unique because of the language or culture difference. The simple translation does not work in this market," said Cuni Shimizu, Founder of EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan. "We are seeing ourself as 'the bridge' or 'your local marketing representative' in the Japanese market by providing simple but high-quality marketing solutions or contents.

The services of EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan include:

- Consulting
- Market Research
- SEO Keyword Research
- Japanese Contents / Blogs Creation
- PPC, Social Media Advertisement

EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan provides solutions by produced by bilingual local Japanese staffs, all inhouse, and targeted especially for small to midsize or startup non-Japanese companies. By focusing on mid-small or startup non-Japanese companies, and also prioritizing only the Japanese market, EDAMAME is able to establish their service which is more affordable than the large advertizing company, more scalable than freelancers, and easier than hiring new Japanese staffs.

For more information, visit: https://edamamejapan.com/

About EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan
EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan provides high-quality Japanese digital marketing solutions for non-Japanese companies that are endeavoring to expand business in Japan. All solution is implemented by bilingual local Japanese digital marketing professionals working closely with companies marketers. With EDAMAME Digital Marketing Japan, everyone, regardless of their Japanese marketing knowledge, can start entering into lucrative Japanese markets.

Cuni Shimizu