YES on L! Keep Lakewood a Great Place to Live

The Lakewood City Council voted unanimously to place Measure L for consideration by Lakewood voters on Election Day, March 3, 2020.

Online PR News – 07-January-2020 – Lakewood, CA – After a year of outreach and consultation with the community, the Lakewood City Council voted unanimously to place Measure L on the ballot for consideration by Lakewood voters on Election Day, March 3, 2020.

YES on Measure L will:
- Keep local tax dollars local—Sacramento can’t take them
- End cuts to public safety
- Maintain parks & facilities
- Maintain services for youth & seniors
- Maintain streets
- Preserve property values

If approved by a majority of Lakewood voters, Measure L will add a 3/4-cent, Lakewood-specific sales tax to retail purchases. This would raise approximately $10 million a year, just enough revenue to meet Lakewood’s budget needs in the years ahead.

Measure L will not raise more revenue than is absolutely needed to keep Lakewood safe and functioning well. By law, Measure L funds would remain in Lakewood and could not be taken by the state government.

Without Measure L, Lakewood’s future is at risk. More than $30 million in local tax dollars have been taken by Sacramento and Washington D.C. over the past eight years. Today, Sacramento continues to take more than $2 million of Lakewood’s local revenue each year.

Basic city services – for preventing property crimes, keeping parks safe and clean, and maintaining streets – are at risk.

Lakewood’s dedicated Deputy Sheriffs do a great job serving the Lakewood community, but Sacramento keeps changing the law and allowing for the early release of prisoners. We need to expand our Sheriff’s patrols, not make cuts in public safety. If Measure L doesn’t pass, it’s clear that we’ll see cuts in Sheriff’s services with the risk of more burglaries and increasing crime.

To keep the city budget balanced during the past two fiscal years, the City of Lakewood has reduced spending by more than $3 million. More cuts to balance Lakewood’s budget were made in facility maintenance. A freeze is still in effect on many vacant city jobs, including the Lakewood park and public works staff who maintain park and community building bathrooms, lighting, and landscaping.

Lakewood’s local revenue must stay in Lakewood to prevent even deeper cuts to public safety programs and other essential city services.

If Measure L fails to pass, Los Angeles County or another regional agency will very likely step in anyway, raise Lakewood’s sales tax to its maximum limit, and take those funds for the county’s or the agency’s own needs, not ours in Lakewood. Measure L guarantees that locally approved sales tax revenue stays in Lakewood.

The campaign committee has joined their Lakewood neighbors to pass Measure L. They’re ready to explain the risks that Lakewood faces and how your help is so important to protect Lakewood. Go to to to learn more, join the campaign, and to contribute online or by mail.