Movement HQ Holds “Preserve Religious Integrity Conference” to Expose Religious Corruption

Movement HQ Holds “Preserve Religious Integrity Conference” to Expose Religious Corruption in Chicago Illinois

Online PR News – 07-January-2020 – Chicago Illinois – January 4, 2020: The NGO Movement HQ: To Correct the Life of Faith—which has been active in exposing the corruption of religion and politics carried out by the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) and its president, Pastor Gwang-hoon Jun—hosted a conference on how to preserve religious integrity for believers in Korea and worldwide. The purpose of this conference—which was moderated by media personality and religious leader Audrey Kenner—was to demand the dismantlement of the CCK and expose Jun, who has been garnering international media attention for his anti-God and anti-president sentiments, saying things like “If God messes with me, He’s dead” and “Republic of Korea will revolve around me for 10 years.” Over 100 citizens, peace activists, and religious leaders joined this conference.

Similar conferences were also held around the United States in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Jun has been charged with twisting God’s word for political advancement, embezzlement, and for corrupting believers all across Korea, in addition to other heinous charges ranging from sexually derogatory comments about female congregation members to racism and xenophobia. One college student at the conference stated, “This isn’t even just about religion anymore. Jun is actively breaking civil society laws and the law that calls for the separation of church and state. Legal matters need to be taken against him and the CCK and they need to be shut down if they’re going to make a mockery of God and the law.” A youth pastor also stated that “As a Christian leader, [Jun] has to be accountable for his actions of defaming God and repent and resign. We must be accountable to those we have charge over.”

The agenda and organization of Jun and the CCK are a slap in the face to the democratic values of the Republic of Korea and the Biblical principles they claim to be guided by. Movement HQ is here to put an end to the corruption once and for all and asks for all communities to acknowledge what has transpired and take action.

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