Introducing The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk

The NextErgo is the next generation of standing desk technology, with AI, Posture Correction, Presence Detection, Smart Speaker, Touch Screen...

Online PR News – 03-January-2020 – Plano, Texas 75074, USA – Ramesh Namala, CEO and co-founder of NextErgo LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of the NextErgo Smart Standing Desk. The NextErgo desk was available for pre-orders on the Kickstarter platform from Saturday, December 21, 2019 (US Central Time).
Here's the link of Nextergo's Kickstarter campaign:

Most of us spend too much time sitting at a desk. This isn't healthy and can lead to back pain, neck pain, poor posture, and more. The goal of NextErgo LLC is to create the future of standing desks. We want to make them better, more interactive, more user-friendly, and ultimately more effective. The NextErgo desk includes advanced features, such as:
Posture Correction: The NextErgo desk corrects your posture by utilizing hand level detection technology for perfect sitting and standing posture setup.

Goal Setting and Tracking: Your goals are calculated using your BMI levels to tell you precisely how many hours you need to stand each day. Every goal is custom-tailored to fit your personal needs.
Fitness Reminders: Utilizing A.I., the NextErgo desk reminds you via onscreen and voice alerts when to stand, sit, take a deep breath, drink water, and exercise.

Personalized Coaching: Our A.I. keeps track of your routine to suggest activities and breaks based on your schedule. Automatically adjust the exercises from simple (for the office) to more involved (for home). (Patent Pending).

Presence Detection: The NextErgo desk uses thermal imaging sensors to track when you are at your desk and when you are away from the desk. (Patent Pending).

Activity Monitoring and Goal Tracking: Real-time feedback telling you when to stand up, exercise, drink water, and take a deep breath. Sensors monitor your sit and stand time and log your activity. The NextErgo desk records and charts your total activity levels and provides detailed analyses and reports.

Mobile App Integration: Built-in Bluetooth can connect your NextErgo desk to your mobile phone to monitor your activity levels while away from the desk.

Multiple User Technology: The NextErgo desk can create multiple accounts to track activity levels, exercises, goals, and usage reports for every member of the family or office.

NextErgo LLC team is dedicated to developing advanced, flexible workplace technologies. Our AI-powered Ergonomic desks help improve your posture, mood, energy levels and overall productivity. Our desks will help you keep track of your fitness goals and encourage you to stay active.

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Our Kickstarter campaign starts at 9:30 am Central Time on Saturday, December 21, 2019. Please support our Kickstarter campaign.

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