Patriotic Progressive Candidate to Challenge Dems and GOP on Long Island

Daniel Craig Ross Announces Bid for Congress Under new Patriotic Progressive platform.

Online PR News – 02-January-2020 – Hicksville, NY – Patriotic Progressive Candidate to Challenge Dems and GOP on Long Island

“In their continual dereliction to provide logically sensible solutions to issues that they themselves exacerbate, the skulking career politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties have proven to be incompetent tools of the political and corporate elite.”

Daniel Craig Ross (DCR) officially announces his campaign for New York’s 3rd Congressional District as a Patriotic Progressive, running under the political theory; Patriotic Democracy- A union of Patriotic and Progressive thought.

“What significantly separates us from current Progressives such as AOC, is that we recognize the needs and Rights of the American citizen first and foremost and hold the belief that the social fabric and legitimacy of the Nation is bound by the love a collective sociocultural identity holds towards a political imaginary and the moral ideals it produces.” DCR said “As Progressives we are devoted in overcoming the preconceived antagonistic, discriminatory and prejudice systems, structures and views held in our collective past. Victory over these atrocities will be realized through the hard work of the social cooperative, communal responsibility, and in the allowance of the People to develop their preeminent traits and ideas.”

The 28-year-old Administrative Assistant decided to run due to what he sees as ineptness and corruption within the government. “I love my country, I love the Republic. However, this country, which has battled adversity from both the political Left and the Right, is now being corrupted and rotted out from within. Our current Representatives do not represent or Voice the Will of the American People, they are merely puppets of greed and political elitism. Policies, ideas and structures that impede social justice, restrict freedom of self-development and impose hateful, racial and prejudice social themes through media, do not represent the Democratic ideals on which our Nation is founded.”

“As a white non-binary gay working-class male, I fully acknowledge the racial privileges inherited to me unconsciously through society, recognize the atrocities committed upon Indigenous Peoples, People of Color, women and other marginalized groups, having bared witness and being a victim to homophobia and transphobia myself, and comprehend the issues faced by my fellow worker. Together, in the formation of a new imagined community we stand as equals as we march Onward towards Victory.”

Election day will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.
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