Efficient Money Transfer Service in Qatar

Trust Exchange which is located in Near Souq AL-Dira Souq, Doha, Qatar, is a leading remittance and currency

Online PR News – 02-January-2020 – Delhi – Efficient Money Transfer Service in Qatar
Trust Exchange which is located in Near Souq AL-Dira Souq, Doha, Qatar, is a leading remittance and currency exchange service provider. It's been operated since 1976. Trust Exchange is famous for its customer service and value-added service, which provides safe, reliable and fast services for its customers to transfer money to their closed ones across borders.
The main services trust exchange provides are
Currency Exchange
Gold Card Providence
Trust Exchange delivers an excellent service quality for all customer at any cost. They also offer a variety range of money transfer services. Trust Exchange offers
Other features of remittances are
'Remit Now'
Remit Now features immediate transaction credit to banks in India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt and Indonesia.

'Direct to Account'
Direct to account offers direct transaction of money straight to the beneficiary account or use the country-specific inter-bank network to credit into any bank account in the world via Trust Exchange.

Cash Pick Up
You can collect money remitted from trust exchange from any location and leading banks, and other money exchange companies in any country.

Currency Exchange
Trust Exchange offers a wide range of money transfer services to meet all customer needs. Trust Exchange provides speed, efficiency, real-Time transparency.
Trust Exchange provides
Best Market Rates
You could get the best market rates from trust exchange.
Quick and efficient exchange procedure
Trust offers a fast and furious exchange procedure
Secure and warranted practices
Trust Exchange provides high security and excellent services

Gold Card
Trust Exchange provides Gold card offers from a Trust exchange showroom and our service also offers
Gold card members are provided with the premium facility
Gold card members also enjoy special rates and customer care facility is excellent.
The gold card provides all beneficiary details which can be taken very quickly while transferring and also during transactions.