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Ghana Talks Radio (GTR) is an online radio station catering news on politics, entertainment, music, lifestyle, photography, and technology etc.

Online PR News – 02-January-2020 – London – Ghana Talks Radio (GTR) introduces a website for African community living all over the world. Though GTR starts as a news site catering latest breaking news on politics (Both African and world), entertainment, music, lifestyle, photography, and technology etc., the ultimate goal of the platform is to be an online radio station and news website to give the youth a voice. Hence the slogan of the website is “giving youth a voice”.
The entrepreneur Mr. Taye says, “Nowadays the Ghanaian people are living all over the world. Living abroad may cause them feeling of isolation. Connecting with a platform like Ghana Talks Radio can keep them connected with home. On the other hand, the young Ghanaians find it difficult to broadcast their talents to the community as a whole. Out radio station will give an equal opportunity to everyone having talents and willingness to reach to broader community.”
Although the website is predominantly run by Ghanaian authors but it is not just for themselves as it caters news and programs on all over the Africa. Therefore, the audience of other African nationalities are also welcome to the platform.
Today’s generation spend remarkable amount of time online every day. It can either make them more knowledgeable cause a complete wastage. Therefore, the youth needs to choose carefully as to where they spend their time online. Getting involved with their own community will enhance their feelings. Contributing on Ghana Talks Radio (GTR) through writing creative things or, making interesting audio or video will give them an opportunity to reach to the whole community. It can motivate them for increasing their knowledge by doing more research on the things they are interest in and willing to share with the world. Practicing your entrepreneurial talents can help you doing greater things in future. Unity and togetherness can make our community better.