Green Apex Technolabs opens a new pathway for Finance Sectors to ease reporting and auditing

Green Apex Technolabs is an India-based End to End Development Services Provider Company which came into being in 2014.

Online PR News – 02-January-2020 – Ahmedabad – AHMEDABAD, INDIA - DECEMBER 30, 2019 - Green Apex Technolabs, an emerging and fast-growing IT Startup in India, today announced that a new reporting cum auditing platform has been launched. It is available as a Website as well as an App for iOS and Android. The platform is targeted at the Banking and Finance sectors since fetching insightful reports on companies is a part of their everyday job. While the solution is mostly built around java and Angular, this platform consists of some of the most trending technologies of the digital era.

The easy-to-use platform is a first of its kind in India. It enables Banks and similar institutions run audits without having to allocate human resources. Naturally, such arrangement is bound to reduce cost, effort and time. While some of the basic information about companies are made publicly available, most crucial ones are accessible upon registration. Also, there are pricing structures available for those interested to access premium data on corporate.

The Java Platform deals in a number of modules to facilitate better understanding. Monitor is one such module that enables continuous warning system. It is a highly effective system for Banks. Any key change in the risk profile of a company would trigger instant alert to the Bank Management. Therefore, they can take actions such as KYC revision, site inspection and market enquiry. The tool can further be integrated with Bank’s alert system. Such automation would only make the entire process precise and timely.

“This App is probably one of the most innovative solutions Green Apex has produced,” said Mr. Nilay Khandhar, the Co-Founder of Green Apex Technolabs, adding further, “not that it was the very first automation we pulled off but definitely the most challenging one. The Monitor tool is bound to make a difference in the Finance sector in years to come. I strongly believe that.”


Target View: The 40X magnification feature allows the end users to perform comparative analysis of company data with utmost precision

Enhanced GTM Strategy: More than 50 vital points are included in reports so that Banks can make better GTM strategies by creating their own views, searches and filters

Largest Dataset Through API: If decision making grade company is important to you, then this is the right tool with the largest dataset powered by API integration

Continuous Warning System: Any changes in the target account will instantly trigger an alert and show in the Bank Management System if integrated with this module

Background Check and Field Inspection: These are on-demand services made available on a subscription basis