Win – Win for Hill Station Property Buyers and Sellers

Selling properties in the hill stations of India could be a difficult task – without assistance, from a service dedicated to hill station real estate in India.

Online PR News – 02-January-2020 – 30.12.2019, Chennai, TN – Real estate in India could be scary, intimidating, especially when you’re on the seller’s end of things. What could make a person seem genuine could also make them seem suspicious as well. This, is the case with Real Estate, the more common Real estate in cities. Is it the same with something not so common, like the Real Estate in the hills?

It’s definitely not going to be the same status, but worse, since there isn’t that much of a strong connect between the hills and the plains – the only times there is a proper connect is during summers, the season for tourism. This gap between both these environments makes selling property in hill stations a much more tedious and intimidating task. There aren’t many brokers, but many laws and constructional restrictions that create a lot of friction to the selling process.

While there are many ventures in India that have been trying to bridge the gap between these two markets, but the efforts are very much diluted, and not really effective – most of the companies get their revenue through Real Estate elsewhere. What could really help is a service that is more devoted; all that is needed is an exclusive force to solve this problem.

Why is this, an issue that needs to be solved at the soonest? The demand is on an ever – increasing trend, that’s why. There’s higher number of buyers who are looking to buy hill station property and consequently more sellers, but the remoteness and the further restrictions cause people to shy away from selling or buying hill station property.

The solution? Is there any?

Yes, and has started its activity in full swing in 2019. Hills & Wills is a Property Management Company, which has its own unique quirk – the services that this brand provides are exclusive to major South Indian hill stations i.e., places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Coorg, Kolli Hills, etc. They have a mission, and are all set to toil as much as they can towards that mission.

“There is a mission, a collective goal that our team toils for – helping people out with Hill Station real estate and property management in the hills. We started this venture with the sole interest to bridge that remoteness between the hill station real estate and real estate everywhere else. Our services are oriented to do the same too”, says Chinna Thambi Pandiyan, the gaffer of this organization.

From listing the properties for buying/selling on their website, to negotiating the prices and deals, legal processes, construction and architectural support, monitoring the properties that have been bought and renovation of the properties, their services is what one could call Hill Station Property Management on the whole.

“Why should a person shy away from such a beautiful side of real estate? Something being in high demand, but shy of people who actually take it forward doesn’t really make a lot of sense”, laughs Chinna Thambi Pandiyan. The team included architects, engineers, agriculturists, real estate experts who were all passionate travellers, joint under one roof – Their love for the hills.

About Hills & Wills

Hills & Wills is a premium Property Management Company exclusive to major South Indian hill stations. They provide the complete host of real estate services from Property buying/selling to Rental Assistance, Monitoring and Renovation.