New Hit film & television star Horse ' El Caballo ' Wren inks lucrative endorsement deals!

Andrea's Talent Management & Micheal Manning celebrity public relations working together to secure lucrative deals for their client Horse ' El Caballo ' Wren.

Online PR News – 24-December-2019 – Atlanta Georgia – Taking a step back into time. Celebrities endorsement of clothing,jewelry, cars, products, and brands since the stone age is nothing new. However
as business handling &continued life comforts would have it, this practice is still more relevant now then ever was. whether a person has a little fame or a lot. Does not matter when lending your name.face, and or body image to a companies brand it is a mutual belief in each others capabilities. Movie actor & tv star Horse ' El Caballo ' Wren has decided to lend his vastly growing popularity, image, and name to several brands with the guidance of his manager Andrea & public relations agent Mike. They are closing deals to further increase Horse ' El Caballo ' Wren push to stardom. It is policy for him to wear and or use these brands in interviews and filmed projects.