Bringing Art To Life MegaCenter Development adds to the Miami Art Ecosystem

MegaCenter Development adds to the Miami Art Ecosystem with the Debut of
Chilean Muralists Inti Castro and Mono Gonzalez
Featured in Heroic Proportions

Online PR News Р17-December-2019 РMiami РDateline Miami, Florida December 16th, 2019: MEGACENTER, a Florida-based subsidiary of Chilean RED MEGACENTRO, has now added to the international art culture of Miami by designing their latest mixed-use development focused on featuring renowned muralists from around the world on a large portion of their exterior walls for public viewing. Patricio Ureta, Principal of Megacenter US operations emphasizes, "we believe that community and culture is as important as our commercial endeavors, which is why we worked so hard to design and obtain the approvals by The City to provide this extraordinary exposure to artists. Our inauguration will feature two prominent Chilean muralists, Inti Castro and Mono Gonzalez, curated by Managing Partner, Alenka Yankovic of VitrinaLab." The new Megacenter Brickell is prominently located at 420 SW Seventh Street and Calle Ocho just west of I95. At twelve stories high, the fa̤ade is highly visible to thousands of pedestrians and drive traffic. Located next to these pivotal arteries of The City will provide exposure and accessibility for everyone to enjoy this featured art instillation and beautifully designed structure.
Tasked to design a fully functional mixed-use space Reinaldo Borges of Borges Architects was able to showcase his creative ingenuity while designing the walls and exterior materials ideal for muralists to showcase their practice. There have been months of preparation for this extraordinary debut of Chile's top artists. Ureta and his team, who are the visionaries to bring this urban art form in this heroic format to life, plans to continue his contribution to the Miami Art Ecosystem with other outstanding executions. "Art Basel is the perfect time to begin to feature artists on our premises," says Ureta. "We want to embrace Miami and follow in the footsteps of other business leaders in contributing to the role art plays in the growth and image of Miami." He further states, "VitrinaLab, the curator of this exhibition is focused on Chilean artists programs here in Miami and in the future, we will invite other artists to debut their work."
MEGACENTER currently has over twelve locations throughout South Florida and Texas consisting of storage and office space in prime locations. MegaCenter Brickell: At the forefront of this unique building is the accessibility and location just off of I95 and at the corner of 420 Southwest Seventh and 427 Southwest Eighth Street close to the famed Calle Ocho. MEGACENTER BRICKELL is set to open in March 2020. For Press Information Contact: Deborah Scarpa 305.586.4022
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