Vedanta announces Fastest Air Ambulance from Mumbai to Delhi with Upgraded life Care Evacuation

Vedanta announces Fastest Air Ambulance from Mumbai to Delhi with Upgraded life Care Evacuation Systems

Online PR News – 14-December-2019 – Mumbai,Maharashtra – Saturday, December 22, 2018- We are feeling highly pleased to share an outstanding patient evacuation story with everyone. It was a memorable patient transfer for us to archive it in the success board of Vedanta. It was last week evening time when our control room received a distress call from the local hospital in Mumbai. The patient was a 76-year-old Male who was diagnosed with major lungs infection and needed immediate transplantation to the better hospital for required treatment. Our ground team rushed to the hospital and signaled all the information about him to the control and command center where necessary evacuation plan is discussed and forwarded. Considering the criticality of the male we decided to provide Bed to Bed patient transfer facility and emergency handling faculty through air ambulance service from Mumbai. In no time he was picked up from the Bed and shifted to the ground Cardiac ambulance. The ambulance took him to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport where an Aircraft was all Setup and ready to take off with the ICU Setup of required Equipment. The patient was shifted and the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft that flew for Delhi. Here we would like to say that our air ambulance service in Mumbai is equipped with world class ventilator, respirator, defibrillator, suction pump, infusion machine, oxygen cylinder, and portable power supply etc. As we allowed his wife and a five-year-old son with boarding to the aircraft so both of them provided family touch to the entire repatriation process. In the meanwhile, the patient became serious and unstable. It was a very serious moment when the boy asked our medical team if his father would be all right!
The simple question of the boy gave us will-power and with our full dedication and effort, we did everything possible treatments to stabilize him and normalize the pain he was suffering with. Thanks to the Gastroenterologist in our medic team who analyzed everything correctly and took all the necessary measure to normalize his condition. Excellent ICU setup on our air ambulance in Chennai helped us a lot to constantly monitor him with his condition. We carried the 2000 psi oxygen tank that was enough for the patient until he was shifted to the bed of the hospital. We got an acknowledgment from the patient's wife that he got his lungs treatment successfully and is recovering now. It was a successful air ambulance service from Mumbai to Delhi that gave us service satisfaction. All this will help us enhance our air ambulance service in Chennai and overall.
Vedanta also provides low-cost commercial stretcher service in Patna Ranchi and Delhi, medical train evacuation services from Patna to Delhi and charter ambulances from overall.
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