Mohawk Arms' Militaria Auction #82, Dec. 28, is packed with items spanning multiple wars, conflicts

Mohawk Arms, Inc.'s upcoming Militaria Auction #82 on Saturday, December 28th, is packed with 1,225 lots of items spanning multiple conflicts and generations.

Online PR News – 14-December-2019 – BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. – Mohawk Arms, Inc.'s upcoming Militaria Auction #82 on Saturday, December 28th, is packed with 1,225 lots of items spanning multiple conflicts and generations, online and live in the gallery on Route 20 in Bouckville, in upstate New York. The full catalog is online now, at, along with and

Swords will be plentiful and will feature a 15th century jousting lance, a 16th century German executioner's sword, a medieval falchion, a 17th century French small sword, a Napoleonic 1st Empire Court sword with full "bee", a U.S. Barbary Wars cutlass with patriotic motto, an eagle head sword and an M1850 officer's sword.

Also offered will be a wide array of political and military buttons, belt buckles, uniforms, medals and orders, Third Reich items to include a collection of flags, a collection of shooting badges, headgear to include peaked caps, posters, a cloth insignia, miscellaneous bayonets, antique flint pistols, books, anti-Semitic posters and ephemera (for scholars and research) and much more.

A strong candidate for top lot of the auction is the World War I-era personal automobile standard of Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm II, plus three other official fender flags, from the Kaiser's meeting with his Austrian counterpart (minimum bid: $10,000). Also, Kaiser Wilhelm II's peaked cap from when he was Chief of the Baden, 110th Grenadier Regiment, medium blue doeskin with a red piped black band and crown, in a period black travel box, carries a minimum bid of $2,250.

A Prussian Civil Class of the Pour Le Merite award, a gorgeous 18kt gold award reserved for the most accomplished citizens in the fields of academics and arts, with gold lettering, in a velvet lined presentation case, has a minimum bid of $7,500. Also, a German 16th century executioner's sword signed by Johannes Wundes (1560-1620), whose works can be found in many museums throughout Europe, having an octagon sided tapered round pommel, has a starting bid of $4,500.

Third Reich items will feature a German Luftwaffe "Ehrenpokol" - a hammered silver Honor Goblet bearing a relief panel of two eagles in combat, the reverse bearing a 1939 Iron Cross, engraved to a Nazi fighter pilot who was killed in action (MB: $5,800); and a Waffen-SS black leather Panzer uniform, extremely rare, stamped to the "501 Schw. Pz. Abteilung" (501st Heavy Panzer Battalion), with copies of photos of Panzer officers in similar uniforms (MB: $8,250).

An Army officer's peaked cap with the traditional "Totenkopf" (skull and crossbones) badge, worn by German Nazi Regimental Staff 1, 2, 4, 5 and all 11 squadrons of the 5th Cavalry Regiment, made of fine quality wool, has a minimum bid of $1,500. Also, a beautifully painted original wrought iron Napoleonic "Kaserne" (military post) eagle with gold leaf paint and separate crown, brought to the U.S. by a returning Marine in 1919, has a minimum bid of $3,800.

Turning to America, an early cutlass (short, curved-blade sword) with a wire wrapped black leather grip, having a 28 ½ inch curved blade, probably carried by a U.S. Navy or Marine officer during the Barbary engagements, circa 1805-1810, has a minimum of $1,750. Also, an American officer's "eagle head" saber from around the same time (circa 1805), with a 1 ½ inch wide, 29 inch curved blade, scarce and unusual, with a black leather scabbard, has a minimum of $1,200.

A few more of the auction's expected top lots are a Bavarian M1848 "Burgerwehrhelm" helmet having a solid black leather body with extended visors, an age toned silver crowned coat-of-arms, lion head bosses and Augsburg maker's paper label (MB: $850); and an archive of items pertaining to World War II U.S. PFC Walter T. Savage, who served in the first Ranger Battalion (Darby's Rangers), including tunic, wool shirt and thick binder with documentation (MB: $200).

Also offered will be Massachusetts "Minute Men" medals, Adolf Hitler glasses, Eva Braun silver and porcelain, Himmler silverware, Goring personal items, a Donitz autographed wartime photo in a silver frame, an autographed Charles Lindbergh photo, Samurai swords, a Civil War armor chest plate, a German shako circa 1820-1840, a Prussian ersatz "pickelhaube" and other items.

Mohawk Arms' next big Internet and catalog auction after this one is planned for the spring of 2020, probably sometime in April. The company typically conducts two large sales annually.

Mohawk Arms, Inc., is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions. To consign a single item or an entire collection, you may call (315) 893-7888; or, you can e-mail them at To learn more about Mohawk Arms, Inc., and the Internet and catalog auction planned for Saturday, Dec. 28th at 9:45 am EDT, visit

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