Skateboard Brand 'SHIT®' Launches Skateboarding Magazine

As the 20th year anniversary is closing in for skateboard brand SHIT®, the Norwegian skateboard brand launches new digital magazine and expands internationally.

Online PR News – 12-December-2019 – Stavanger – A brand spokesperson said in a recent statement that the purpose of launching this magazine is to encapsulate the essence of the present, past and future of skateboarding and function as source of high quality information and reporting on all important aspects of the skateboarding world.

As a skateboard and clothing brand founded in year 2000, SHIT® has it sights steadfast on spending the third decade of it's existence to actualize a global industrial leader consisting of a heavy global online presence, a world wide chain of brand retail stores and expansive presence in the skateboarding world of events and competitions.

CEO Lars Horpestad together with founder and partner Frode Goa recently said in a statement to Norwegian news media 'Aftenbladet' that "SHIT® as a brand has been valuated to $10 million dollars, right now we're just establishing different business models to let the market realise that and actual figures and then we'll move straight to multiply that number a 100 times and more."

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