Queens, NY is the most diverse county in the Nation and yet all books are in English

Online PR News – 11-December-2019 – Long Island City – Long Island City, NY December 10th, 2019 - Olibrix, a female-led, multilingual children's book retailer, is pleased to announce the debut of its online retail concept in North America. The online store Olibrix features curated collections of children's books in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and German. Additional languages are projected to be added in 2021.

World's population is getting increasingly more migrants every year. Currently, close to 47 million people in the USA alone are products of another country. They have brought their cultures, traditions, and languages along on their life journey to be preserved and passed on to their kids. Olibrix is the first retail concept dedicated to offering children's books in various languages that play an integral role in language skill development and cultural exploration.

"It took me hours to research the best children's books for my kids only to find out that the majority of the online stores do not ship internationally, and if they do, the shipping and handling charges are outrageous. Asking friends and family members to stuff their suitcases with books also wasn't always an option," - says Anastasiya Maloy, the founder and brand curator of Olibrix.

Anastasiya speaks and reads in four languages and is hoping that through family reading traditions her children will continue the multicultural legacy. She has spearheaded this initiative with the intention to make it easier to find books in foreign languages. Her multifaceted background, passion for books, knowledge of languages, and being an advocate of diversity allowed her to create interesting reading collections based on visual and intellectual content.

"We are raised in different cultures, speak different languages/dialects, and eat distinct foods; however, books are our common denominator. Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter, Romeo & Juliet, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and The Little Prince are just a few of the world-renown characters that influenced and inspired us as children. Let's also not forget about the local folk heroes that are distinct to every culture! My kids would not be able to find common ground with their grandparents without them!" - continues Anastasiya.

"We truly hope that high-quality content books at www.olibrix.com will reduce the inconvenience and increase the amount of reading." The fiction classics are offered in unique editions are perfect as a gift, the non-fictional books full of curious facts range in topics from cooking and anatomy, to architecture and coding. Different price points are represented so that everyone can find something interesting within their budget. Free shipping is offered on all domestic orders.

Olibrix celebrates children and their families where foreign studies are encouraged. The goal is to broaden children's horizons through beautifully illustrated books, encourage new generations to value societies, appreciate one's heritage, explore the world, accept each other's differences, and learn from one another. In addition, Olibrix is developing a plan to support local bilingual communities, school programs, and athletics programs.