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Online PR News – 09-December-2019 – Ormonde View – When it comes to affiliate marketing, the challenge lies on building a website and getting traffic. Furthermore, most affiliate links are only associated with one product.

That could be difficult to earn money since the product is specific as well as the targeted audience.

However, what if I told you that there is a system that defies that? A system that will generate an affiliate link that is hard-coded with more than one products?

Well, that is what CB Money Vine is all about!

What is CB Money Vine?

CB Money Vine is a system or a software that allows your affiliate links to be attached to more than 4000 ready-to-go products without having any pending approvals.

If you know what affiliate marketing is, it usually works by matching one product to one buyer at a time.

That could take longer, especially on what kind of niche you are into. Furthermore, that process is a bit specific; a specific product for a specific buyer. However, with CB Money Vine, that process is reversed. How?

The system will give your buyers a lot of options of products they can choose from. With that, the chances of making money will increase!

Moreover, you can simply share your CB Money Vine website or opportunity link with other people and your monthly commissions will multiply exponentially.

CB Money Vine Software

The software is basically what you will use. First, you must log in. Afterwards, you will be able to connect your affiliate link with more than 4000 products!

Furthermore, you won't even have to wait for a long time. This will only take 1 minute and you are ready to go. No hassles.

The payment will also go directly to your account.

CB Money Vine System

The next one you will get is the CBMV system. We already know that your will be given 40%-75% commissions with 4000+ products on your affiliate link.

CB Money Vine

But, these won't work well if there is no system that will convert them into money for you.

And that is the reason why the CBMV done-for-you Reverse Income System or R.I.S., was made.

Your own website for your affiliate marketing is already included here. Furthermore, this system will make you earn money as soon as you join.

Basically, it will "force" people to buy products from you through a built-in incentivization program.

This will go on an on every month. And of course, on autopilot. Even if you are busy, it will still work.

CB Money Vine Features

The main highlight with CB Money Vine is the website that will be specially made for you. However, do not think of it as a retail marketplace like Amazon or eBay even though it has more than 4000 products.

The thing behind it is that your website will generate you an unlimited number of "vine" of CBMV free version sub-members.

These are the people who will purchase products through your affiliate link because of the incentivization.

The incentive system is already built on your website that will be provided by CBMV. This will make people more determined to purchase products because they will also earn money with this.

That is the reason why the system will increase your commission sales and earnings.

Here are other features you can get from CB Money Vine.

100% Automated

If ever you are busy with other stuff and won't have the time to take care of your website and affiliate marketing business, don't worry. CBMV got your back.

The system will be on autopilot. So you can still do other things and the website will still continue working.

Furthermore, with CBMV, there are no selling and order fulfillment.

More than 4000 Physical and Digital Products

Unlike other programs, there is no need for you to manually choose the product list your customers will buy. Furthermore, you won't even need to wait for approvals.

With CBMV, you will be earning money immediately. More than 4000 products will already be integrated with your affiliate links.

All of these will give you 40% to 70% commissions!

Easy Performance Stats Tracking

Usually when you work, combined with other everyday things you need to do, you might forget to keep track of your performance.

But again, CBMV got you. It has a performance stats tracking tool which you can easily access to know how you are doing.

Furthermore, your earnings will immediately be deposited in your Clickbank or Warrior Plus accounts. Both are free.

CBMV Reverse Income System

Personally, what makes affiliate marketing challenging is the stage wherein you build a website for your business.

But with CBMV, professionals will do it for you! The moment you purchase it and log in, you will be given a website immediately.

This is where you will post your affiliate links and products.

Apart from this, a complete and quality training about making more money by inviting others to join for free, will b given to you.

Multiple Income Streams

With CBMV, you will have a multiple income streams thanks to the products that will be integrated with your affiliate links.

How does it work?

#1 Sign up and activate

The first thing you have to do is to purchase CB Money Vine. Afterwards, you will need to create an account and log in.

Before you can monetize and earn money, you must activate your account first. You can do this by purchasing one product from the CBMV marketplace.

You will be presented with a lot of options or products that are classified in niches. Choose what you want and buy it.

You will be given a receipt afterwards. Copy and paste it on a blank form that will appear. Then click "Activate".

Then you can start!

#2 Website and affiliate links

You will be given a ready-made website for your affiliate marketing. Everything will be set up for you already.

Afterwards, you will have to go through a couple of steps to be able to hardcode your affiliate links into a lot of products.

You can also share your website and affiliate links to other people to be able to earn more money.

#3 Earn commissions

You will need to grow your vine. You can do this by inviting other people to join CBMV.

Once people who are members of your vine purchase a product, you will earn commissions.

These people can become free users. They will be given a free website and earn money. However, to keep this, they must purchase at least one product from the CBMB marketplace every month.

How much will you make?

The ultimate reason why I consider affiliate marketing as the best way to earn money online is because of the passive income.

With CB Money Vine, you will earn as much as you can! Furthermore, it just depends on how well you can manage.

It may not be easy. Let's say that you have about 50 active members on your vine who purchase at least one product each month.

And each purchase will earn you $20. Then that means each month you can earn $1000! That is if you can keep those 50 members.

Some people would just quit once they realize that it is challenging.


High-income potential
Reverse Income System
Training video
Ready-made website for you
Built-In Incentivization
Performance tracking
Multiple income stream
4000+ products on one affiliate link

"Forced" to buy to keep your account activated
May lose income if your affiliates are not active
Can be challenging to get long-lasting referrals
CB Money Vine is great. It is legit and will make you earn affiliate commissions.

CB Money Vine

This program will give you everything about affiliate marketing. The training is comprehensive and complete.
You will really get to know what affiliate marketing is and how you can be successful at it.