Buju Banton's New Song 'Steppa' Gets Eclipsed By New Artist Shav A's 'Island Girl'

Buju Banton's new song 'Steppa' reaches #3 but gets crushed by new artist Shav A with new single 'Island Girl' and leaves the judges up in a roar

Online PR News – 07-December-2019 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica – 9pm and the social apps are going haywire as the staff is trying to determine this week's #1 spot on the Top 5 Weekly Reggae Chart. Buju Banton's new release 'Steppa' is aiming at the top spot only to get crushed this week by Shav A's 'Island Girl' remaining the reigning champion once more for the 2nd week in a row. With pressure on both artist's back, we have yet to see where things will go in the coming weeks for it is anyone's race at this point, however, Shav A is showing some signs of zeal as it is now going into its 3rd straight week of the coveted spot. Bear in mind that major international artists have an upper hand since they have a marketing budget that is unmatched by rising artists, which makes the quest akin to a political race where the most money begets the most constituents.
Top 5 Weekly Reggae Chart's Oliver del Camino was quite surprised when the final results were published shortly before he made the announcement. The song 'Steppa' engenders the heavy-hitting rasta vibe with serious conscious message about the need to alleviate the perpetual animosity in today's violent street culture in the Caribbean. Standing in stark contrast to this is 'Island Girl' which is an ode to all the Godess's who are endowed with a perfect demeanor. Shav A reminds us just how beautiful and feminine the women of the Caribbean are and makes us wish we all had one...
About Top 5 Weekly Reggae Chart: It is a weekly count down of emerging artists from Jamaica hosted by Oliver del Camino from Hempsession. The show focuses on showcasing artists who come from under-served communities and have very little financial means to propel their career to the next phase.