Socinator rolled out awe-inspiring features for 2020- catch a glimpse

The recently updated features of Socinator offer an improved social media scheduling experience to leverage the tool's awesomeness.

Online PR News – 07-December-2019 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – Socinator, the leading social media management tool cum software for sustainable development, lately announced to perform significant feature updates. Till the date of writing, the proficient team of developers has added a few more valuable features to assist businesses in reaching new heights in the coming years.

Moreover, it will empower users to move beyond the standard strategy management approach and survive successfully among their robust competitors.

Therefore, Socinator enthusiastically offered an integrated approach to marketers to help them manage all their social media campaigns from a single-stop desktop. Some of the latest features and functionality approach includes:

As doing since inception, Socinator posts to publish automatically on Instagram. But now, users can be tagged in while publishing.

The tool efficiently Scraps the user's bio to save in CSV files for Instagram operations.

It now provides the ease to scrape details of users whom people have sent DM on Instagram. These 'details' include their usernames, sending time, location, etc.

To figure out the number of likes and comments, Socinator conveniently refines hashtagged user's posts by top posts or recent posts. In a nutshell, it configures a list for better assistance.

The pro effectively monitors the follow back ratio to uncover the exact number of users who have been followed using the tool. These insights let users evaluate Socinator's performance as to how many people joined their existing follower's chain.

Let users set a default export path that cuts down the hassle of selecting a path every time while dispatching data from the report and saves valuable time as well.

Since LinkedIn marketing is expanding, the updated features also enable sending connections to LinkedIn profiles through the sales navigator account.

Businesses engage with their audience often through online events. Keeping this in mind, Socinator's newest feature allows users to create an outstanding event on Facebook.

About Socinator

Introducing human to the social world, Socinator is notably more than just software. The dedicated team is committed to hold their value and nurture customers/communities in a more outperforming manner. Currently, millions of passionate marketers worldwide use Socinator to automate their social media tasks and save valuable time to serve for their personal life. If desired, gather thorough information about Socinator at