Nanolux Ceramic Metal Halide 315W Vertical Light Kit for Hydroponics System on Sale

AUSTRALIA, October 2019 - Pakenham Hydroponics, a one-stop-shop known for its innovative gardening supplies, organic compost, and technology.

Online PR News – 05-December-2019 – Pakenham VIC – AUSTRALIA, October 2019 - Pakenham Hydroponics, a one-stop shop known for its innovative gardening supplies, organic compost and technology, is putting its latest hydroponic technology - Nanolux CMH 315W Vertical Light Kit on sale at $659.00

Hydroponics is growing popularity in the horticulture industry in Australia. With its current growth, more and more technologies are geared toward water-smart farming.

This year, the brand is making a bold move inviting hydroponics enthusiasts and hobbyist to their grand sale with dozens of items up for grabs.

The Nanolux CMH 315W Vertical Light Kit is a useful tool for your indoor grow tents. This innovation has brought in a revolution in the industry. Like the sun, this CMH lamp has a broad light spectrum, making it a great alternative for your indoor horticultural needs.

The notable price drop of $659 from $699 offers comfort and efficiently serves its purpose, making it affordable for starting enthusiasts.

Ceramic metal halide lights are popularly used by hydroponics growers and indoor grow room owners to have optimum control of the light in the room, allowing best result for plants to thrive in a regulated environment.

Among other CMHs available in the market, the Nanolux CMH 315W Vertical Light Kit has advanced technologies, increasing its operational efficiency, making the most comprehensive spectrum of light output for a HID fixture.

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When you avail of the Nanolux CMH 315W Vertical Light Kit, you get a complete kit that contains the ballast and shade which also includes the globe. The low frequency ballast is fully sealed and side mounted. The Nanolux CMH 315W provides an even light footprint because of vertical lamp mounting position. Engineered to be sustainable and efficient, this product meets ETL Standards ensuring best quality and value.

Pakenham Hydroponics caters to all your hydroponic needs from equipment to supplies. Other than our hydroponic grow light kits, we also have great products available, like light movers, light control boards, and pumps and heaters.

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