Empmonitor Unveils Time-Tested Data Security Measures For 2020

Without taking a risk, it's time to move out of the situation to prevent data from leakages, which ends up in finding insider who breaches data.

Online PR News – 04-December-2019 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – Research has shown that 75% of organizations are suffering from data breaches problems due to their employee's mistake. It occurs when the employees release the organization's data unknowingly.

So, business executives are implementing employee monitoring that unveils security practices and processes to ensure that data is accessible to only authorized persons.

To ensure transparency and openness regarding the shares and use of data, EmpMonitor comes up as an effective solution.

EmpMonitor is one of the leading employee monitoring software that provides data security requirements to prevent data from loss. It recently announced the availability of its hassle-free software solution that serves the business to restrict themselves from insider data detection.

Based on the study, with over 89% of employers facing Data breaching issue, so to overcome this EmpMonitor observe the definite need to provide a platform to find insider's who detect data and to prevent them from doing this. Moreover, EmpMonitor specializes in monitoring employee's activities based on customer's data privacy requirements.

Some exceptional monitoring features of this software that prevents the data breach or data theft in an organization.

1. It shows the complete visibility of employee's computer activities and their contribution towards production.

2. It checks employee's browser history and the top websites they have visited during working hours.

3. It records user login or logout details and can identify their presence at the workplace.

4. It tracks employee's activities who steal sensitive information and gives access to unauthorized users.

5. It presents interesting graphics and detailed reports to analyze the employee's growth.

Many companies invest a lot in data security but unable to prevent data breaches. So, to overcome this problem, EmpMonitor works very well and prevents data from insiders. Moreover, it also manages all the computers in the organization remotely from a centralized location in a stealth mode which shows, real-time monitoring of employee's activities.

About EmpMonitor:

Founded in 2014, EmpMonitor is a cloud-based productivity monitoring software. It does real-time tracking of desktop applications and web usage in the workplace. It offers 24*7 customer support and provides a complete monitoring solution from any location.

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