Coding Presentation in AAPC Local Chapter by e-care

E-care Coding Manager Savitha Thomas CPC, presented the topic of "Behavioral Health Coding- An Integrated Approach".

Online PR News – 03-December-2019 – Chennai, TN – E-care Coding Manager Savitha Thomas CPC, presented the topic of "Behavioral Health Coding- An Integrated Approach". The session is all about mastering the concept of Behavioral Health coding, which seems to be always a riddle and holds lot of gray areas.
Behavioral Health is a specialized area that many providers and coders are unfamiliar with. Coding of these disorders can sometimes be tricky, but learning the nuances can actually help achieve accurate coding which will help to enhance data necessary to make improvements in coverage, patient care, and reimbursement.

There is no one factor which becomes responsible for causing mental health issues, many factors such as stress, Social anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Drug addiction, Family history, Exposure to viruses or chemicals and Chronic illness contributes in causing mental health disorders.

Also, some interesting statistics in the past which made the primary care physicians to expand their practices to include this Behavior health as a specialty. According to Medicare expenditure panel survey, mental disorders contributes over 65 million physician visit and 5 million emergency department visit annually, Even National Alliance on Mental Illness states that approximately one in five American adults experience mental illness each year. 18 percent or more population effected by this mental disorder issues, Children are also effected with about 13 percent. So these are the significant risk and expenditure for including this as a specialty.
To receive better reimbursement and to stay away from audit, it is always critical to know about appropriate usage of the CPT codes. That to understanding he Behavior heath coding is a complex system. In this setting, CPT codes are used to describe the length of the psychotherapy session. New CPT codes went to the effect for Behavior coding in January 2013. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care providers to use the revised codes in their claim for the better reimbursement. During this time CPT 90862, used for outpatient prescribing has been eliminated and replaced with Evaluation and Management code, Though the new system is a complicated one, still it is necessary for proper documentation and reimbursement.

The purpose of the presentation was to help the audience understand all the nuances of the Behavior health coding in a more simple way.

It starts basically from the Introduction and covers all the below key areas to understand better.

1. Introduction
2. Evolution and the therapeutic methods followed on olden days and as well in the modern world
3. How to do the correct coding
4. Medical necessity- The decision maker in a claim
5. Documentation importance
6. Tips to increase the reimbursement.

The responsiveness of the audience and consistence in participation during assessments were the evident that the audience were well engaged with the presentation.
The seminar had an awesome crowd of 300+ audience and all of them were Certified Professional Coders. These seminars help coders to learn more about coding skills as well as earning CEUs to retain their membership. This session intention was to throw light on the nuances of Behavioral health coding and unravel the mystery. AAPC conferences help coders learn from industry experts and help them stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes covering all areas of the business of healthcare.
Though the subject seems more of theory, Savitha presented it with more interesting facts by beginning the session from the evolution of the mental treatment then to the Modern concept with more pictures and animated slides which attracted the audience attention and kept this seminar a livelier one. Also, Savitha in her presentation provided tips for better and additional reimbursement while coding for the Psychotherapy which is a part of the Behavioral health coding, and the attendees appreciated this much.
AAPC conducted these two hour-long, interactive sessions where the presenter, Savitha Thomas CPC answered all attendees' questions during the live event. This added value also provides a helpful understanding for all the participants who needed more information and the additional knowledge they were seeking.

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