Gramboard announces breathtaking hacks to skyrocket Instagram campaigns for Cyber Monday Deals

Gramboard reveals valuable hacks to help out Marketers on this Cyber Monday that will boost their campaigns high.

Online PR News – 03-December-2019 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – Gramboard, the dominant Instagram marketing cum automation tool, confidently proclaims that Cyber Monday once again will be the biggest one-day online shopping carnival. Thus, the autopilot spoke up a few astounding hacks to help marketers make the most out of their existing Instagram marketing campaigns. One of their spokespersons stated- "Similar to past years, Cyber Monday undoubtedly will break the record of retail sales again, and turn to be perfect internet's reply to black Friday deals. And, our teamwork is all set to give savvy marketer's a helping hand with tried and proven marketing hacks".

Gramboard's Cyber Monday Hacks For 2019 Marketing

Businesses evidently can't find a better way to successfully market their brand online than the ideas and hacks of experts, and Gramboard is a pro!!

Hack#1 Keep an eye on brick-and-mortar stores

As the name implies, Cyber Monday is all about-'Cyber' where brick-and-mortar stores don't necessarily take part. Still, statistics claim that these stores successfully fetch 40% (approximately) of the entire holiday season's sale. People's buying habit gradually accelerates when it comes to famous and innovative brick-and-mortar shops, including the temporary ones that set up seasonally. The majority of prosperous e-commerce business recreate the ideas of brick-and-mortar shops to stand out.

Hack#2 Organize flash sales for limited period

The devoted team of Gramboard came across an interesting case study, thus found that festive campaigns often sell out bulks of products by organizing flash sales with fascinating discount schemes. People when see- "our sale ends in 15 minutes (for example)", they act promptly.

Hack#3 Collaborate with different brands

The brand partnership draws buyer's attention during holidays deal every year. There are a lot of illustrations where brands collaborated to reach new business heights. Since Cyber Monday celebrated in winter, clothes brands consider partnering with brands selling jackets and hoodies. Well, niche doesn't play any role here, brands can conveniently jump in their desired niche of brands, wherever they perceive profit.

On the occasion of this thrilling festival, Socinator also added "Gramboard Free' to its previous set of features to make the tool even renowned. They are:-

Not free, it's partially free (for a specified period). Existing users can invite their friends through a link and if they signup using that particular link, they will get free usage for five days. If ten people successfully signed up, that user gets 50 days free usage (thorough offer given over the site).

In case a user's friend get influenced by the referral link and became a genuine user. The former will get 20% of his/her friend's first payment as a reward.

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