Leading UK Electric Radiator Company Release New Smart Heating Product Updates For 2019

Here we look at just some of the fantastic products available as the UK plunges into the winter of 2019.

Online PR News – 29-November-2019 – Leeds – In today's market, smart heating is fast becoming the choice of millions of homeowners who strive for energy efficient homes and full control over their heating. Electric Radiators offer a fantastic alternative to gas central heating.

Electric Heating experts "Electrorad" updated their heating products for 2019 earlier in the year, giving people more control over their central heating systems. Here you can see a showcase of their products that are on sale now.

Aeroflow German Electric Radiators - Quality guaranteed!
The Aeroflow German electric radiators come with a market leading guarantee, a staggering 30 years, giving you complete peace of mind! With its ingenious fire-clay core and in-built 24/7 programming or app options, it gives you unbeatable control too. You can even have it in any RAL colour! That's why Aeroflow is the first choice when it comes to German electric heating.

Complete control at the touch of a button :
The Touch E3 touch screen control and App for Electrorads' Digi-Line range is proving a real winner. Giving the ability to control the time AND temperature in every room individually, from anywhere in the world. With the main control panel acting as the house hub, it can also be simply linked to your radiators and router wirelessly, giving complete central heating control from both inside and outside the home. By linking to a mobile device, pc or tablet it enables all functions of the radiators including the temperature and modes to be altered to suit any lifestyle. The smart way to control your heating!

Smartpanel from Electrorad - market leading features and a great design!
With features such as weekly programming (9 pre-programs and 4 custom), Intelligent Control System (it learns the heat up characteristics of the property and reacts accordingly, saving energy), open window sensing, in-built energy monitor, comfort, economy and frost protection modes and LST. Add to that the fact that it's Lot 20 compliant and available in 5 heat outputs from 600w to an impressive 2kw, then you have one of the smartest panel heaters in the marketplace!

Towel rails by Electrorad:
Electrorad have introduced a smart thinking towel rail to their smart heating range. Within its clever LCD control it has features such as 24/7 programming, automatic, comfort and night modes, hour boost button and open Window function, It also has a built-in ambient room sensor so, unlike most other rails on the market, it will heat your whole bathroom and NOT just your towels! Available in 4 sizes, it also comes in impressive 400w and 700w heat outputs to ensure comfortable and controllable heat at all times.

The Vanguard+ from Electrorad - giving electric heating a voice!
Electrorads' Lot 20 compliant Vanguard+ takes smart electric heating to another level. The Vanguard+ has 24/7 programming ability, controls housed on the top of the radiator for ease of use, open window function, Intelligent Control System (ITCS learns the heat up characteristics of the property and reacts accordingly to save energy), built-in energy consumption monitor, reduced surface temperature function and of course comfort, economy and frost protection modes. On top of this the Vanguard+ also has Geolocation (a distance can be set which enables your radiators to react to your proximity), signal "hop" (enabling a further reach of the WiFi range by hopping from one radiator to another), and can be voice controlled through Amazon Alexa. Now that is smart!

All these product are available from Electrical Wholesalers across the UK, such as Electric Radiators Online. For further information contact Electrorad on 0113 2746799 or online at http://www.electrorad.co.uk

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