TON blockchain contest winners

In September 2019 Telegram started an open contest for blockchain developers. Congratulate the winners with us!

Online PR News – 27-November-2019 – Tallin – Telegram Open Network is a blockchain platform developed by the creators of Telegram messenger. TON is protected by a built-in proxy and is an overlay P2P network. It has a built-in Telegram messenger, payment tools using Gram cryptocurrency, data storage tools and an operating system for decentralized applications.

In September 2019 Telegram started an open contest for blockchain developers. The goal of contestants was to implement smart contracts using the TON Blockchain tools, especially the Fift interpreter or the FunC compiler. They also needed to implement some scripts to enable the user to create, properly configure, and control new instances of the smart contracts.

15th of November the results of the competition have been summed up. The participants were judged based on the quality of the submitted code, following the TON guidelines, and the value of their contribution.

The results of the TON blockchain competition
66 teams have participated in the blockchain competition:

The biggest prize of the competition - $28,750 and 1st place in Asynchronous Payment Channels was won by the team Sexy Chameleon from a software development company Serokell.
1st place in Synchronous Payment Channels goes to Keen Gnat - $16,000.
1st place in MultiSig Wallets is shared by Mellow Squid - $14,000, Dreamy Crab - $8,000, Suave Giraffe - $8,000 and Hip Hyena - $8,000.
Shiny Giraffe takes the first place in DNS Resolvers nomination - $12,500.
We congratulate all the winners and wish them more glorious victories and inspiring achievements. All the winners have done an amazing job, and their contributions are unbelievably helpful to keep the TON platform running. We would like to highlight Serokell's Asynchronous Payment Channel that stands out among the competitors. You can read how the team captain describes the realization of their solution here: