Alliance Strata Management of Tokyo publish report for Southeast Asian investment

Alliance Strata Management today announced the release of its annual report for the future of Southeast Asian investment, infrastructure and opportunities.

Online PR News – 27-November-2019 – TOKYO/Taito-ku – Alliance Strata Management's investment report focuses on critical investment themes requiring coordinated perspectives across sectors, regions and asset classes.

Alliance Strata Management analysts' recommended two ways to participate in the expected growth of Southeast Asia's infrastructure sector.

Alliance Strata Management's Global Head of Wealth Management commented on the findings of the report saying "This report underscores our focus on long-term investment in the region. So far, Vietnam and Cambodia are areas of particular interest. Our report highlights our commitment to putting clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment debates at Alliance Strata Management."

Alliance Strata Management's highlights from the report also consisted of how strong secular forces will continue to drive emerging economies' growth out-performance relative to developed economies for the foreseeable future, but infrastructure will be the key challenge.

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