Smack Talk Showdown, Nominated Tabletop Game of the Year in 2018, Returns to Kickstarter

The Sold Out Phenomenon from Double Turn Games Gears Up For 2nd Edition and NSFW Expansion

Online PR News – 25-November-2019 – Boston, MA – Smack Talk Showdown, the hilarious party card game from Double Turn Games, drops players into the ring in the cutthroat world of professional wrestling, where talking smack is the only way to survive. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017, Smack Talk Showdown returns to Kickstarter to seek funding for a 2nd edition of the game, nominated for Tabletop Game of the Year by the 2018 Bit Awards. Players who snagged a copy of the sold out 1st edition can kick things up a notch with Lewd ADDitude, a Not Safe for Work expansion pack featuring 100 new cards.

Wrestling aficionados and beginners alike will enjoy ripping their friends a new one with Smack Talk Showdown. The game invites players to cut their own wrestling promos, 45-second segments of intense trash talk designed to psych out their opponents. The cards give each player a larger than life character to embody, a unique scenario to play with, and wild cards that change all the rules.

How to Play
Smack Talk Showdown features 550 cards divided into three categories: Name, Segment, and Smack.
Players select two Name cards that determine their characters. A Segment card sets up the long-standing feud or specific match they're about to play. A Segment "Producer" keeps time, and can play his or her Smack cards to change the action in real time. Winners collect Segment cards from each match; collect the most Segment cards to win.

Backers can choose between the 2nd edition full card set for a $25 contribution. Adults looking to take their smack to the next level can purchase the Lewd ADDitude expansion pack, featuring 100 new cards for $10. A bundle featuring both games is available for $30. Smack Talk Showdown will ship to anyone in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Recommended for groups of or more players
Time required: 30 min
Recommended for ages 10+ for Smack Talk Showdown, or 17+ for the Lewd ADDitude Expansion Pack

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