Start the Year 2020 with Sustained Motivation: Good Vibes Book Club starts on the 5th of January

Take a moment and escape to a world of learning and positive interactions each week with the Good Vibes Book Club. Join the online discussions at your own pace.

Online PR News – 22-November-2019 – Online~ 5 January 2020 – New to our screens is Good Vibes Book Club; a motivational book club aimed at unlocking the wealth found in self-help books. Founder, Joy Ngesi, shares how the book club will be discussing a new book each and every week.

In response to the question 'Why Good Vibes Book Club?', Joy Ngesi shares some insight with the impact to awe and inspire even those who are yet to discover the wealth found in reading books.

Through her eyes, we learn that: life is filled with vast and numerous opportunities for us to learn. We can learn from the young and the old, the rich and poor, the multi-talented and untalented, the leaders and the followers and just about anywhere that exposes us to change, failure, success, pain, happiness, heartache and loss.

She continued to share that: life is multi-dimensional and though we may feel we have everything figured out for ourselves (according to our set paradigms), there's always something new and something better than we possibly were exposed to. She then emphasized on the need for us to learn and not just from our experiences but from those of others too.

Good Vibes Book Club has chosen the self-help book genre and the founder refers to them as 'motivational books'. Members in the book club are encouraged to share their book preference for the following month and the books to be read that month are shared with a timeline (specific week) by which they will be discussed. As such, Good Vibes Book Club caters for readers of different reading paces. One-book-a-month readers can still read one book and share their findings during the allocated week for that particular book and those who have acquired the skill (and time) are able to read up to 5 books in a month.

Each book is discussed on various (3-5) days during its allocated week and club members are able to share their findings from smaller segments of the book each time.

Joy Ngesi shared that Good Vibes Book Club is in process of creating quarterly newsletters which are to be sent to the subscribed members each quarter. We look forward to the first issue of such newsletters from Good Vibes Book Club.

Feel free to join the book club on the site or on their Facebook Group or you can follow their Facebook page.

About Good Vibes Book Club: Good Vibes Book Club is an online book club intended to connect self-help book lovers from all over the world and to cultivate healthy discussions of the tools books offer towards our quality of life.