Epilog Hires Senior Health-care Executive as Co-CEO

Epilog, a fast-growing global med-tech company based in Ghent, has added a global senior health-care executive to its team.

Online PR News – 21-November-2019 – Gent – Epilog, a fast-growing global med-tech company based in Ghent, has added a global senior health-care executive to its team to guide the company's worldwide expansion across clinical solutions, CNS clinical trials and brain research. With the appointment of Jurgen Van Broeck as Co-CEO, Epilog moves to a next phase in their growth trajectory. Together with current CEO Dr Gregor Strobbe, Van Broeck will roll out an ambitious strategy for 2020 and beyond whilst scaling Epilog to a healthy global med-tech company.

"We are celebrating years of Epilog with introduction of our new Co-CEO Jurgen Van Broeck, to accelerate value creation and strengthen our vision to become the number one EEG analysis company," says Dr. Strobbe. "From 2020 onwards, we will increase our offering towards treatment development companies in epilepsy and broaden our EEG solutions to other CNS diseases. The extensive experience of Jurgen is crucial in implementing this expansion strategy. On top of that, we will start partnerships with other EEG companies to scale the commercialization of our clinical products PreOp and Diagnostic. As a research driven organization, we will of course continue innovating and collaborating with research organizations to develop clinical products beneficial for patients' diagnosis and treatment.

Jurgen Van Broeck, who has a track record of 20 years working for Merck, Mundi Pharma and consultancy company Kreivo Health, has been appointed this week as Epilog's Co-CEO. Van Broeck has experience in developing and growing multimillion-dollar products across global markets, including all aspects of clinical research, business development and new market creation.
Van Broeck's most recent leadership position was with Mundipharma as General Manager of the Taiwanese organization. Before that, he managed the Pain-CNS portfolio as commercial director responsible for Asia-Pac, MEA and Latin-America.

"I'm really excited to put my healthcare experience to use in an accelerating med-tech company because Epilog's technology can make a real impact on the life of patients with epilepsy or other brain diseases. The usage of our methods for EEG analysis saves valuable time for clinicians so they can focus more on interpretation and patient interaction. In addition, our methods extract more information out of the EEG than is visible with the naked eye. This may increase our understanding of brain functioning," Van Broeck said. "Pharma companies are leveraging the technology to streamline and enhance drug development, as well as to demonstrate the value of specific therapies as value-based reimbursement becomes more common. Epilog is leading the charge with its innovative technology, and I'm looking forward to work with Gregor and the rest of the team as we forge additional partnerships across the globe."

About Epilog

Epilog is a med-tech company based in Ghent (Belgium) that focuses on brain function quantification, mostly based on EEG (a technique that records the electrical activity of the brain). The customers of Epilog are epilepsy specialists, healthcare companies and research groups. They apply the services of Epilog to save time and resources and get more information out of the EEG data.


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