Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers Emphasizes on the 4C's of Diamond Rings

Buying best diamond bridal ring is not that hard when you know the 4C's of diamond rings. Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers is giving out crucial information.

Online PR News – 20-November-2019 – Tuscaloosa, AL – Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers recommends it is best to know about the piece of jewelry before purchasing it or going to a store to purchase it. Usually, a ring is given its unique design by the alignment of the center stone. The majority of the amount of ring is overwhelmed on account of center stone. The price and value of the gemstone is determined by the size, cut, quality and clarity. The 4C's that Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers recommends knowing before purchasing a diamond ring for women are Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.

The angle, shape and proportion of a diamond are determined by its cut. The natural radiance and brilliance of a diamond is optimized by its cut. It is done by reflecting and refracting the light back from the tip of the diamond. The various shapes of a diamond ring are asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, round, and trillion.

The next comes the Carat of the diamond. It is basically a unit of measurement used to weigh diamonds. The rarity and value of the diamond is increased by the higher weight of the carat even though the clarity, cut, and color greatly impact the price of the diamond wedding rings for couples. Even a small stone may be higher in price if cut, clarity, and color are high.

Diamonds are mostly judged on their color. The diamond is more valuable depending on how white it is. To maximize diamonds brilliance it is ideal to go with the natural setting of white metal. Using a color scale a diamond is classified and rated. It starts from colorless and ends with diamonds with a hint of yellow or brown.

An executive of Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers states that 'by number, size and the position of inclusion, clarity of diamond is rated. Inclusions gives diamonds uniqueness and are referred to as nature's fingerprints. These are not visible to a naked eye and are seen through magnifying glasses.'

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