Hempure Launches the Traveler's Contest

Hempure CBD is currently running a 'Traveler's Contest' with nifty giveaway prizes.

Online PR News – 20-November-2019 – Ashland, Oregon – We're entering the holiday season, and for so many that means vacations. While traveling is super fun, packing and planning can get a bit overwhelming. Which is why last week, Ashland-based Hempure decided to launch a Traveler's Contest with prizes sure to make your next holiday a breeze.

Here's what participants stand to win:

Hempure CBD Capsules 10mg, 30 ct bottle: $30
A perfect dose of CBD to make sure your getaway is a treat for the mind. Simply pop as many as you need for the trip into a vitamin box, and leave the bottle at home!

The Airhook 2.0: $25.95
Two-in-one solution for travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for an electronic device.

The Journey Scarf with Insect Shield by Pang Wangle: $35
Made for adventure, the bug repellent Journey Scarf also has a zipper pocket that is large enough for most smartphones.

The Trinken Lid and Tall Boy Cup: $16.99
Covertly have a cold beer. The collapsible cup has the perfect dimensions for your canned beverage whether it's a tall can, short can or skinny can. It insulates, looks great, and fits in your pocket or purse. Open your can of choice, snap it into the bottom of the lid, and pop the lid on the cup. Instant stealth beer cozy!

The SpiiderGriip: $19.99
A revolutionary device accessory that lets you use your phone with complete confidence, versatility, and freedom. SpiiderGriip™ gives you the peace of mind to get the most out of your device without fear of slipping, dropping or breaking.

TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses: $24.99
Never break a glass again! 100% Tritan unbreakable wine glasses have the look and feel of real glass.

The AirComfy Travel Pillow: $21.99
A non-traditional multi-purpose pillow that supports your neck, lumbar, legs or whatever else needs an extra lift.

The contest ends on 24th November and winners will be announced on the 27th.

Participate in the contest here: https://win.hempurecbd.com/giveaways/the-travelers-contest/