PROCO360 Podcast Named BEST DENVER PODCAST 2nd Year Running

Voted the Best Podcast by Westword in 2018 and 2019, Proco360 is a must listen for aspiring or current entrepreneurs.

Online PR News – 18-November-2019 – Denver, Colorado – The PROCO360 podcast was selected by Westword readers as the BEST DENVER PODCAST, 2019, the 2nd consecutive year. PROCO360 is hosted by Dave Tabor - a successful technology entrepreneur, and currently an executive at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. The podcast was created to feature world-class entrepreneurs who could be successful anywhere, and choose Colorado.

PROCO360 guests are Colorado's most notable and successful CEOs. As a former entrepreneur who built a business he later sold to a public company, Dave Tabor hosts each episode differently.

PROCO360's approach recognized that each business and each entrepreneur is different, so episodes explore topics most relevant to guests and their companies. Past guests include the CEOs of Ball Corporation, TAG Restaurant Group, Ping Identity, PopSockets, Native Roots, Snooze Eatery, and AEG Live.

Among people who love Colorado, PROCO360 is considered the best podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs and is fast becoming well known nationwide!

Here are some reviews from the best podcast listeners -
"I enjoyed listening to the interview with Ball's CEO… 300 million aluminum cans produced every day? Wow! Inspiring." - John L.
"I enjoyed your interview with Lorena Cantarovici (Maria Empanada). You are a good ambassador for Colorado business. Your genuine enthusiasm comes through while you engage with your interview subject."
-Jay B.

About Dave Tabor:
A former technology entrepreneur, and currently an executive at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Dave Tabor is deeply connected with business leaders who love Colorado - and who are focused on innovation, partnering, and providing opportunities for employees to advance and achieve their dreams.

In the 1920's Dave's great grandfather came from Europe as a tailor, built a business, and created future for his family. That story, like many others in America, is a story about free enterprise - and not the free enterprise that has been under attack because of the few who have built wealth at the expense of others - the virtuous free enterprise system by which ambitious entrepreneurs take risk, apply creativity, and doggedly overcome obstacles to achieve their vision and create opportunities for their communities.

Dave has followed in his family's footsteps. As an entrepreneur, he started a business from nothing, promised new customers the moon and delivered, experienced the stress and pressure of mortgaging his house to pay employees while working over 100 hours a week, and finally sold the business to a public company. Now, in a different role, Dave remains passionate and curious about entrepreneurial business - he loves knowing and speaking with virtuous world-class entrepreneurs and business leaders who could be successful anywhere and choose Colorado.

PROCO360 episodes run are 30 - 40 minutes and are released every two weeks.