Executive Status Marketing Continues Houston Takeover

In less than a year, Executive Status Marketing has grown to oversee a large portion of Houston and shows no signs in slowing as the year comes to an end.

Online PR News – 15-November-2019 – Houston, Texas – In April of this year, CEO Luis Politron of Executive Status Marketing opened his Houston branch with just two locations, and now in the beginning of November is overseeing over 7 locations with plans of continued expansion into the new year. Politron's vision for growth in 2019 has been far surpassed in just a short period of time. By August, Politron had the opportunity to open a second office location in Central Houston, ran by partner Adrian Diaz, which is what continued the fuel for the retail and territory expansion.
Executive Status Marketing is a direct marketing and promotions firm that works with the leaders in the home entertainment industry and has a prestigious list of clientele. Due to these partnerships and recent growth and expansion from the ESM team, Politron was nominated for an achievement award at the company's annual R&R trip in Cancun, Mexico this year. In addition, Politron was invited to an exclusive meeting in Southern California the end of September and another in Las Vegas this month to work with the top managers across the country and strategize what plans are in motion for 2020. When asked about all his recent success, Politron stated "Running a successful business has been a passion of mine for a while now. Coming to Houston gave me the opportunity to not only do that but pass on the opportunity and continuing expanding with great partners like Adrian. Looking forward to what our team will do to end 2019!" With all the momentum, it looks as if the company will see growth into a 3rd branch by the end of the year with account manager Kayla Rios running the location.
When asked about her growth and her journey to success within ESM Kayla said "I've always been ambitious and something that had stuck with me over the years is one of those "cheesy Instagram posts" about achieving your dreams. It is a picture of an Iceberg, and it shows how only a small portion of the iceberg is seen above water and the huge piece of iceberg that is underwater. The large portion under the surface represents all the hard work, the long hours, sweat and tears as well as the sacrifice of time put forth to become successful. It represents taking a different path and dealing with the criticism from others but moving forward regardless of what others think. It is these things that drive the iceberg higher and higher until it pierces through that thin layer of doubt, which is the water and peaks through as success. It really stuck with me because it put into perspective how reaching your goals is a journey. My main goal right now is to continue driving the attitude of my iceberg within this business and my career higher and higher."
With the holidays fast approaching, the ESM team is expecting to have a record-breaking couple of months to propel them into the new year. With rapid opportunity for growth and advancements, Politron stated he was looking to add a couple more talented and motivated individuals to join to the team as the expansion continues soon. "We always welcome new talent and excitement within the team. Our clients expect a lot from us, and we are ready to exceed those demands!"