Fly Louie Alliance Brings Innovation to the Private Air Charter Industry

Fly Louie announces the launch of the Fly Louie Alliance, which aims to create operational efficiencies for more than 2,000 private air charter operators.


New York, NY — Fly Louie is pleased to announce the launch of the Fly Louie Alliance, a new venture working to identify and deliver operational efficiencies to the more than 2,000 Part 135 charter operators across the United States. Bringing continued innovation to the heavily fragmented charter industry, Fly Louie seeks to improve the economics of private air travel for passengers and operators.

Following successful launches of private air shuttles in the Northeast, Fly Louie recognizes several operational challenges facing private charter operators: rapidly rising fuel costs, increasing competition from larger operators, complex human resource issues, and growing customer service and marketing infrastructure needs. The Fly Louie Alliance aims to solve these challenges at scale for independent private charter operators. On October 1, the Alliance launched its first benefit, offering member discounts on fuel rates at 30 fixed-base operator (FBO) organizations nationwide, even as compared to contract fuel prices.

Julia Takeda, CEO of Fly Louie, reports, "We're thrilled by the response from Operators and FBOs alike. Our experience in the charter industry has made it abundantly clear that operators face common challenges, and these challenges can be overcome with scale and leverage. We're proud to help operators overcome those challenges while preserving and encouraging their independence. It's clear from the response that we're on to something."

In its first six weeks in operation, the Fly Louie Alliance has grown to a network of 30 Preferred FBOs, 20 operators, and 153 aircraft nationwide. Independent operators are quickly finding the value in the Alliance. As Michelle Holst, Flight Operations Coordinator for Reliant Air explains, "We've worked with the Fly Louie team for the last 2.5 years and were excited when they presented us with the opportunity to join the Alliance. We've already taken advantage of the cost savings at some of our key airports. The team is responsive and engages with us on how to expand the Alliance to best meet operators' needs."
Fly Louie sees the fuel offering as a win-win for FBOs and Part 135 operators. FBOs are happy to become a preferred stop for Fly Louie Alliance aircraft, knowing they will see higher volumes and therefore profit accretion. Operators are thankful that there is now a CAA-like option for Part 135 charter operators.

The Fly Louie team has ambitious plans for further expansion of the Alliance program, which currently requires no enrollment fees or fuel purchase minimums. The community of Part 135 independent operators and FBOs is already discussing what offerings should come next after the fuel savings program. Next on the horizon may be tackling employee travel costs, streamlining pilot recruitment and retention, or improving the cooperation across charter operators to help them better match supply with demand for charters.

"We are open to several possibilities for our future growth, and input from our members will help us finalize those plans. At the moment, we're excited about the high demand for the fuel savings program," said Eytan Kurshan, Fly Louie's Chief Operating Officer. "We want to develop the best execution of that benefit before we decide which Alliance membership benefit to launch next."

Company sources say to expect new benefits to come as early as Q1 2020.

About Fly Louie: Fly Louie is a New York City-based company creating innovation in the private air travel industry to benefit both travelers and independent charter operators. Established in 2017, Fly Louie started New York based private air shuttle routes to destinations including Nantucket and Pittsburgh, and expanded to Boston and Philadelphia area service in 2019. The launch of the Fly Louie Alliance is the latest area of focus, and a significant growth opportunity for this growing start-up. For more information, visit